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Doll review: Boo York Boo York Nefera de Nile

Hello my dear doll lovers!
As I told you on my last post, I won't be able to post as often as this summer because I started university again and I don't have that much time to play with dolls. However, a few weeks ago Mr. Monster got me this fabulous gift for my birthday and I think that deserves a post. Yes, you're right, the gift was a gorgeous Boo York Boo York Nefera de Nile doll!

As many Monster High fans, I wanted a second Nefera de Nile doll, so I couldn't hold my excitement when the first Boo York Boo York doll line images were leaked (you can read the post I wrote for Doll Observers by clicking here). Despite that, there are a couple of things about this doll I'm not totally happy with. If you want to find out why, you have to keep reading.

Let's start with the box. As many of the new Monster High lines, the Boo York Boo York  line has a box design with less cardboard and more plastic, allowing a better view of the doll. Also this boxes are easier to open, which is safer for little kids.

Boo York Nefera box

Unlike other lines like Monster Exchange, the back of the box doesn't have an artwork of the doll, but instead it has this Boo York skyline and a blurb of the movie.

At the bottom of the box it says: "Download her vacation diary on!". I don't really know if I like or dislike this idea, but at least we, european collectors, can read the whole diary instead of getting one in several languages with only the first diary entry to read.

Let's remove the plastic to take a closer look to Nefera!

Nefera is holding this purple piramid wich is the Comet Cristal that she uses in the movie for mischievous things. I like her pose in the box with her arm up holding the cristal.

Finally I manage to unattach Nefera from the box.

Nefera has tanned skin, purple eyes and a jewel on her left cheek. Her make up is inspired by Ancient Egypt make up and her eyebrows give her a mean expression.

Monster High Nefera de Nile Boo York

Nefera has this gorgeous turquoise color hair (it's actually one of my favourite Monster High hair colours!) with several black strikes and one white or light grey strike at her right side of her head. She also has some copper tinsel hair, mainly at the front part of her head.

 Her hair is quite soft and thickly rooted. She has a big knot that I didn't see while I was taking the photos, but in general, her hair seems pretty good quality.

She also wears this nice black headpiece with two snakes holding a cristal... attached with this horrible plastic pieces. It's going to be a nightmare to remove them.

Nefera wears a black and turquoise dress with an snake motif and this gorgeous golden body armour. I really like the snakes details on it and the cristal inspired elbow pad.

 With the body armour removed, her dress looks nice, but quite plain. Nefera could really use something much more pharaonic.

She also wears golden earrings, but they're painted in a different gold than her armour and I don't really like the contrast they make. I think it would have looked nicer if the lower part of the earring had been painted black or turquoise.

She wears turquoise sandals with snake shaped stripes that go around her legs. The heels shape look like cristal. I think that her shoes are very nice, but they could use more painted details, like golden heels, for example.

 Nefera also has painted gloves that cover all her lower arm. Her fingers are painted in slightly darker colour than the rest of her skin. I can imagine someone at Mattel saying: " Oh, nevermind, it's a Nefera doll, they'll buy her anyway".

One of the things that catches my attention about this doll is that her birthmark scar is completely visible with this outfit. I tought that she always had her scar covered because she wants nobody to find out that she's not perfect. I hope we can learn more about Nefera in future movies or other fiction.

There are several differences between this Nefera and the signature one. One of the first things that I notice is that her skintones are slightly different. Signature Nefera has a golden shimmer on her skin, while Boo York Nefera skin tone seems to be more silvery. Also, their faces look quite different, as signature Nefera seems to have wider eyes.

Boo York signature Nefera comparison

The hair is the same colour on both dolls, the only difference is that the tinsel hair on signature Nefera is yellowish gold colour, while Boo York Nefera has it in copper.

I like both Nefera dolls and I think that both are gorgeous, but Boo York, Boo York Nefera resembles more to Cleo than signature Nefera. Also, the original Nefera seems to be a higher quality doll. Personally, I'm very happy to have both versions in my collection.

I think that, overall, Boo York, Boo York Nefera is a gorgeous doll with nice details on her, but at the same time, I consider that Mattel has played it easy with this doll, as they could have made an outstanding doll.

Boo York Nefera comet cristal

In general terms, I think that Boo York Boo York is a nice line, and this Nefera is a great opportunity to get her for those who didn't have the chance to get original version. I hope that we can see more of Nefera in upcoming Monster High lines and that they develop her personality more instead of just being "Cleo's mean older sister".

What do you think of Nefera? Have you added her to your collection?

Blog to you soon.



  1. Hi M.C.! This review is great, thank you for posting it. I like her very much, especially her face is striking. The armour is cool and her hair is also lovely. And that headpiece, love it! (Good luck with removing the awful plastic thingies, I'm always so afraid to cut in hair or something else when removing these!). Her colour scheme is also beautiful! Gorgeous doll! :-).

    1. Thank you Linda! Her hair is better quality than the last two Monster High dolls that I got, at least this one is not half bald or has super greasy hair. I recomend this doll if you're into Monster High, she's gorgeous.
      I'm also afraid to cut the hair or scratch the accesories. I don't get why Monster High dolls come with their heads attached to the box with those plastics. Couldn't they just find out a better way to attach the dolls?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lovely review. I agree with you that the dress without the gold armour looks a bit plain...and they should have payed more attention to details, for example remove that horrible plastic thing that holds the crown and make sure that all body parts are of same colour (the hands are a bit darker right?).

    However, it still is a nice doll.

    1. Hello Ivana, thanks for stopping by. Yes, her fingers are quite darker than the rest of her skin. She's a gorgeous doll, but it looks like they played a little bit safe with her. I hope we can see more of Nefera in the near future.

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