Thursday, 25 July 2013

Clothes rack

As I have been buying new clothes for the dolls, we thought that it could be a great idea to make a clothes rack so the ghouls would have their latest fashions organized.
We wanted to do this with popsicle sticks, but the ones we had were too short and narrow and we couldn't find larger ones, so we ended up doing it in thin wood.
First of all, we started drawing the pieces: two larger pieces for the sides (2'5 cm width and  cm tall) and a smaller one for the base (2'5 cm width 10cm large). For the bar we used a larger toothpick (I'm not sure if that's the name). We drew all the pieces together in order  to saw less so all of them together looked like an "L". I wish I had a better photo

Now is time to saw the wood. I have to say that I'm really bad at woodworking, so Mr. Monster saw almost all of it. He did a good job despite we don't have the best tools. Once you have all 3 pieces, sand the edges carefully because if you don't do it you will have more difficulties when painting it. Your pieces have to look like this:
Glue the larger pieces each one at one side of the smaller one (it has to look like an "U") and then glue the toothpick on the upper part of the "U". You can also add another toothpick to make a second rack, but we didn't.  The result has to be something like this:
Please, don't notice the messy table
Now is time for painting. First we applied a coat of matt podge (be sure to appy this generously on the edges), let it dry and then we applied two coats of black acrylic paint. Once it was dry, we applied two coats of glossy podge.
While we were assembling it, we thought that it looked too big and too narrow, but next to the dolls it seems that it's the right size. I think that if we someday make some kind of clothes store diorama, it will fit. Tell me what you think so far

By the way, we also did a couple of tiny hangers using paper clips. They look cool, but we need to use bigger ones as they're too small for MH clothes.
I hope that we can make better fotos soon, we're really working on it, in fact, we have a new background almost ready.
See you soon


  1. That is amazing, I wish I had room in the school house for closets, I just got some doll clothes, so the dolls will have their own wardrobe for the show... Amazing job!!! love it!

    1. Thanks Ginger. We made this because it was easier than a closet and I don't have many doll clothes yet. You could alredy add a new set of rooms to the dollhouse, but it may look too big.