Sunday, 27 April 2014

Doll Selfies

Hello my dear doll lovers. What you've been up to?

I'm sorry I don't post on this blog very often. I always promise myself that I'll take it more seriously, but between my studies and my job I don't have much time to craft and take doll pics. Furthermore, Mister Monster and I are finally moving together and as the house is quite old we need to give the house a whole makeover, so I'm spending all my spare time painting the walls and looking for new furniture. 

Despite not having much time, we made an effort to enter My Froggy Stuff's  "Doll  Selfies" contest  in order to win Ever After High's Cedar Wood. We didn't win, but sure we had a lot of fun taking the pics. Here are some of them.

Slo Moe and Ghoulia selfie
I found Slo Moe! Yay!
Elissabat Draculaura Viperine
Doll selfie Jinafire Long and Gigi Grant

And this is the pic I sent to the contest

My froggy stuff contest Slo Moe  Ghoulia selfie
They make such a nice couple, don't they?
I'm also currently working on a paper mache stairs to display all my dolls  for a group picture. When my doll collection reached 20 dolls, I tried to take one, using books and old tapes so the ghouls on the back could appear on the picture. This was the result:
Monster High doll collection

Poor Toralei, she's hidden behind Jane's updo
See? Despite being on a book some dolls don't show properly on the picture. I promise to take a better picture as soon as I finish my doll display stairs. I should also mention that after this picture was taken 3 new ghouls have joined the family: 13 Wishes Gigi Grant, Scaremester Jinafire Long and Slo Moe (see pictures above).

What do you think of my collection? I have an always increasing whislist, there are such beautiful dolls and not so much money.

That's all for now. I'll try to post soon with new crafts. 

Update 09/09/15: I actually did another doll selfie post, check it out here