Sunday, 21 June 2015

Back to Dollywood

Hello ghouls and mansters!
It's been almost a year since I started trying to post on a regular basis, but it has been a hard year for me. Last summer Mr. Monster and I moved together to an old house that needed a huge makeover, so we spent all the summer cleaning, plastering and painting. Then I had a lot of changes at my job and when I finally got used to them, I got changes again. Furthermore, I have my studies, so I don't have much spare time to enjoy my dolls.

Fortunatelly, yesterday I got my final exams, so that means that I'm free until september. I always have to go to take my final exams to a bigger city, so after the exams I go doll hunting. 
Last time I went, back in January, I wasn't very lucky, as I only found Casta Fierce and she was quite expensive for a playline doll, but this time, I found 4 dolls and 3 of them were a real bargain. 

Monster High dolls in box

The first shop I went to was El Corte Inglés. If you are not familiar with the spanish shop companies, you will have never heard of this, but sometimes El Corte Inglés gets the exclusive dolls that in USA gets Wallmart or Target because here we don't have those stores. El Corte Inglés is not my favourite shop to buy my dolls, mainly because they have higher prizes than other shops (the Haunted dolls were 30€ while other shops had them for 25€) but also because they don't seem to care much about what they sell. 

The second shop I visited was Toys'r'us and I had a much more possitive experience than with El Corte Inglés. I took advantage of some ofers plus a bonus discount I had for having the customer card and got Amanita Nightshade and River Styxx for 35€ both of them. Unfortunately, they didn't have Porter Geiss, who was the one I was looking for.

I still wanted Porter, so I went to a hypermarket that was very close to search for him. They didn't have him, but signature Raven Queen was on sale for just 7€ so I got her. The next stop was another toy store called Juguettos, were someone told me they had seen him at a reasonable prize, but he wasn't there either. The guy on the cashline didn't know much about Monster High, but he offered to check out if they had him on the backstore. They didn't so I ended up getting Creepateria Cleo de Nile,that I consider one of the most gorgeous dolls of her ever made. I have already unboxed her and taken some pictures:

Creepateria Cleo

My collection has increased quite a bit since last year. Last spring, I had around 20 dolls and today I may have almost 50. Also, despite that I mainly collect Monster High dolls, I've fallen for some Ever After High characters (that will probably join my collections sooner or later) and also I'm enjoying some of the new Barbie Style Luxe dolls. This are more or less the dolls that I currently have on my collection:

Plus the ones that I still have in their boxes:

So, what have you been up to this year? What are your plans for summer?

Blog to you soon.


  1. Raven for 7€! What a successful toy hunt! I hope the exams went just as well :)
    I don't have plans to buy dolls soon, I'd rather fix the ones I have and make more stuff for them. We want to visit a castle abroad though, so I'll see what they have in stores there.

    1. Yes, she was a real bargain, but unfortunately she was the only Ever After High character at that prize. I hope you have luck with your doll hunt on your trip.
      Thanks for stopping by.