Thursday, 18 August 2016

Doll Review: Kjersti Trollson

Hello ghouls and mansters! How's August going?

It's been a while since I last reviewed a Monster High doll, Posea Reef. I kind of lost interest in the line since the reboot was announced. I still love my old MH dolls, but I'm not super thrilled about the new released as I used to be. 

Today it's time to review Kjersti Trollson, from the Monster High Brand Boo Students line. I have already reviewed Isi Dawndancer from the same line. Kjersti (I guess it's supposed to be pronounced like Christie) is a gamer troll girl that goes to Monster High in order to find the only monster that has been able to beat her in a video game.

Her box has the look of all the non-movie later Monster High dolls. I really like this boxes because they're easy to open and you can see the whole doll.

I love Kjersti's artwork on the back of the box.

The background of the box has a lot of Kjersti's geeky details.

Finally, she's out of the box.

Kjersti has pink skin, hot pink mouth and blue pixeled eyes. Her eyes are my favourite part! She also wears hot pink pixeled glasses to give her a geeky look.

She also wears this knitted hat with horns. It's attached to her head with those horrible plastic things. I'm not going to remove the hat or her glasses right now.

I love Kjersti's big pointy ears! Her headmold must be new because I haven't seen another MH doll with those ears.  She also wears this pixeled skullete earrings.

Her hair is a blend of electric blue and ligh pink, and the mixture of two colors makes her hair look like purple(-ish). It's styled in two pigtails that could have been in better condition.

She wears a black t-shirt with a pixeled skullette on it. The t-shirt has blue, purple and pink pixeled-pattern sleeves. It also has a pink stripe that I guess is there in order to avoid her breasts to make an appearence.

Her skirt has the same pixeled pattern than the sleeves. It also has a mesh on top with  pink details that look like a roman soldier uniform on it. 

Her shoes are quite cool. They kind of remind me of soccer shoes with the modeled socks.  I love the pixeled soles, remind me of Minecraft.Have you seen the controller details?

I love her purse! It's like a video game console controller. Mr. Monster says it's kind of in between Playstation controller and Supernes (or Super Nintendo).

I think that, overall, Kjersti is an interesting doll. I see all the game details put on her and I think she has an interesting design. Oh, and I forgot to mention she has the little sister body. 

 I'm so happy that I got Kjersti! I love the geeky/gamer details on her. I just need to get Batsy Claro to complete my Brand Boo Students collection. Meanwhile, Isi and Kjersti seem to get along very well.

 So what do you guys think of Kjersti? Do you have her in your Monster High collection?



  1. The new MH dolls are so very very colorful, and not just their skin tones either. Some of them are too over the top for me. It's not that I miss the original girls, because I only ever collected Clawdeen and Cleo, but I guess I'm more sedate when it comes to clothing and design. I also saw some MH dolls recently that were not articulated and I was quite shocked.

    1. Hello Muff! The stiffness and blandness of the latest designs don't appeal to me as much as before either.The good news is that I will save some money!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I think her name is supposed to be like "Kirsty". I like the little sister body, but I'm tired of all the pink MH.

    1. Hello Black Kitty! Probably it's more like Kirsty, but it's a little bit harder to pronounce for us. I'm a little bit tired of pink in general, but I like how in this one is contrasted with blues and black. However, I would have prefered if her hair was more blue.

  3. I love Kjersti's colorfulness, and her Nordic hat. Her gamer aspect doesn't interest me as much. I agree with BlackKitty about her name. To my German-speaking eyes, I would pronounce the K hard, and the J like a Y. She should also be Kjersti Trolldottir. :)

    1. Hello Barb! I'm not a gamer girl, but I think its a fun theme for a doll. I do like the colorfulness also, despite the pink. I can't help but in my head her name keeps sounding the spanish way (that means, with a strong J), but I'm trying LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I know Spanish as well :), but the Nordic looks a lot like German to me, which of course some of it is close.

  4. Nice review. :) She is on my wishlist as well. I have to agree with you about preferring the older MH dolls. I have finally seen the new rebooted ones and I haven't been too impressed. I think the ones that come with their pets are so far the cutest. Lagoona and Clawdeen from Shipwrecked are cute as well, but for now, I am just focusing on getting the older ones. :)

    1. Hello Farrah Lily! Yes, the one with the pets are ok, at least the pets are cute. And the Shriek Wrecked line is one of the most detailed from the new lines. To me, the older lines were more detailed and I'm also focusing on getting some that I'm missing.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.