Saturday, 18 March 2017

Doll Review: Adrienne Attoms with volcano experiment (Project MC2)

Hi everyone! How are you? I'm quite busy with University right now, but I managed to take a little bit of time here and there to do a quick doll review. I'd love to be able to do a few more reviews during this semester, but I can't promise anything. Today it's time to review Adrienne Attoms, from the Project MC2 line. A few weeks ago I reviewed McKeyla, so if you missed it, check it out here. 

Adrienne Attoms Volcano experiment monster crafts doll review

Adrienne Attoms is the culinary chemist of the team and she loves cooking both delicious dishes and chemical solutions. On the Project MC2 website it says that Adrienne Attoms is from Spain and that she moved to USA because her dad is a diplomatic. Being spanish myself, when I first saw the dolls, I thought that the spanish would be McKeyla or Camryn and I was quite surprised to discover it was Adrienne. 

 Like McKeyla's box, Adrienne's box is mostly clear with the cardboard decorated like a folder or school binder. On the right side we can see the volcano experiment the doll comes with.

Adrienne Attoms signature volcano experiment box

On the back, we can see a big picture of the actress that portrays Adrienne, Victoria Vida, and some instructions to make her volcano experiment work. 

And here she is:

Adrienne Attoms doll review monster crafts blo

Adrienne has light skin, slightly darker than McKeyla's, brown glass eyes and natural make up. She looks pretty, but quite not as much as expected.

She has long blond straigh hair. It feels so smooth and well rooten. I wish that all playline dolls had this hair!

She also wears a baby pink headband with a bow on top. 

I would define Adrienne's style as preppy. She wears a pink dress with a top with a flower pattern and a ruffle skirt with birds on it. She also wears a white cardigan, a blue necklace and a black bow belt.

Adrienne's shoes are very detailed and nice. They look like high heeled black and white oxford shoes with pink platform. On the back part the shoes have a nice bow detail. She also wears fishnet white stockings.

She also comes with a pair of pink glasses. I think that she looks better with them, but I wish the glass was clear or that they didn't have any glass at all.

She doesn't bring any other accessorie except for this test tube with a pink solution on it.

I think that Adrienne is a pretty doll, but this dolls aren't very good quality, specially considering how expensive they are. Adrienne's knees are so loose that it's imposible for me to make her stand on her own. McKeyla's knees were loose aswell, but at least she had flat feet and I could keep her balanced a few seconds. 

Even though I find her doll very cute, Adrienne is my least favourite character on the TV show. She's a nice and friendly girl, but she's a bit too preppy for me, and it also pisses me off that she keeps saying words in spanish the whole time. I think that my favourite character is Camryn, who has shown to be very competitive.

So what do you guys think of Adrienne? Do you like the Project MC2 dolls?



  1. I'm curious to know why it makes you mad that she keeps saying words in Spanish. I love her shoes, but I don't find the rest of her outfit interesting. I was considering getting one of these dolls because Target had a sale on them, but there were almost no dolls the day I went to look. And now I've gotten into the Kurhn dolls from China, so who knows if I'll ever get one of these!

    1. Hi Barb! Re-watching the show, maybe she doesn't say things in spanish THAT often. It's hard to explain, but to me it looks like they tried to make her sound "exotic", but it doesn't work for me. Maybe it's because I'm spanish and I don't find myself "exotic". I've seen the Kurhn dolls, they're cute but I'm not really into them yet

  2. There's a version of Adrienne with a dinosaur sweater. I'd like that one purely for the sweater, I don't dig the doll either. Did you try the volcano?

    1. Hi! I don't know which is the Adrienne doll that you mention. The doll is pretty, but I'm not as thrilled about her as I expected. I didn't try either the volcano nor the lava lamp, but I'm planning to do a short Youtube video trying them.

    2. My mistake - that's a Camryn doll with the dinosaur sweater
      I must have confused her with the Adrienne with an equally cute kitty sweater. Both are budget dolls, I think.

    3. That's one of the prettiest Camryn dolls. I prefer articulated dolls over non articulated ones, but the articulation quality in this line is pretty bad, the knees are quite loose and the dolls don't have very good balance. I wish they released the outfits of the stiff ones as fashion packs and worked on better articulation for the other ones.

  3. Even in the box her joints look rather loose. Her body reminds me of the Fairy Tale High dolls - who were not around very long. I love her shoes, socks and sweater.

    1. Hey Muff! Maybe I should have paid more attention to her body and not only her face. I didn't remember those Fairy Tale dolls you mention, but you're right about the body. I like the concept of that line, but not the dolls themselves.

    2. I've seen a lot of people changing these dolls over to LIV doll bodies or Barbie Made to Move bodies and have been much happier with that result. :) I think the best quality about these dolls are their eyes and cute clothes, but yes, I agree the bodies are not good at all.

    3. Hi Farrah Lily! I've seen My Froggy Stuff rebody some on MTM bodies, but not all the skintones match and I don't feel so confident doing that on dolls that don't have the same neck hole. I totally agree about the eyes, but they should totally improve the bodies.