Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionista Curvy "So Sporty"

Hello doll lovers! How are you? June is coming to its end and I still haven't scheduled my time to do all the dolly and non-dolly projects that I have on my mind. I have quite a few dolls to review, plus two more that are on their way. Some of those dolls have been in their boxes for months! Also, I want to do a couple crafts, like a quick diorama to take better doll pics. 

One of the dolls that had been waiting for her time in the spotlight is doll #38  So Sporty, from the Barbie Fashionistas 2016 line. She has the curvy body and is one of those dolls that came with fashions. To be honest, I wasn't super excited about this one, but she has surprised me for good. Let's start the review!

Her box has more or less the same design as the "basic" Fashionista's boxes, but it's wider and has the doll attached on the left and her clothes on the right. Pretty in Paisley's box look a little bit cheaper than this one. 

On the back of the box we can see some of the other dolls that came with fashions.

 Once deboxed, we can take a first look at the doll.

 So sporty has light skin, light blue eyes and pink lipstick. She uses the new curvy headmold that some people call "Playline Karl", but I have no idea if that's the official name. You can find this headmold on both Chambray Chic and Spring into Style.

 At first, I though that this doll was identical to Chambray Chic, but with a different hair colour. So I took a pic of both for a comparison. As you can see, So Sporty has a darker skin tone and her eyes are bigger. Also, it seems to me that her lips are fuller, but maybe it's just this doll in particular. 

Sporty has maroon/burgundy straight hair. On the pictures, it looks more reddish than it actually looks in person. It comes pretty squashed from the box, and it's very rigid due to the styling product. Hope I can fix it later.

She also comes with a plastic black cap that, surprisingly, doesn't come attached with those horrible plastic things. It feels more rubbery and flexible than Kitty Cute's beanie

Sporty is wearing a blue mesh dress with a black dress underneath. I was a little bit dissapointed when I discovered that it doesn't have mesh on the back, but I like that little detail on the shoulders. 

 She also wears blue flat sandals. The blue matches the outfit, but I think that another color would be nicer. 

Sporty also comes with this white purse that looks quite plain to me. 

Now let's try those extra outfits! The first outfit is that stripe dress with the black skirt. I thought that it was a one piece dress, and I was quite surprised when I discovered it's actually a two piece outfit. Mattel, the kings of making one piece outfits when it should be two pieces (see, Kitty Cute's top and skirt), made this outfit a two piece. 

I think that Sporty looks good in this outfit. I also change her shoes for the pink ones that also come in this pack.

Speaking about the shoes, the extra pair is a pink translucent pair of tennis shoes. I don't like when they make accessories translucent, specially shoes. 

The second outfit consist in a fluor yellow tube skirt and a white short top with some hot pink stripes on it.

I thought I would like this outfit better, but the tube skirt marks the joints of her legs and the short top makes her body look a little bit weird to me. 

The last accessory in this pack is a translucent pink studded purse that, for some extrange reason, it looks orange in my pictures. It's the same pink than the shoes though.

 And just if you were curious, I tried the yellow skirt with the stripped top. What do you think?

Overall, I'm quite happy with So Sporty. I got her because she was on sale, even though I prefered other dolls, and I didn't expect to like her so much. I had so much fun taking pictures of her and I think she looks very pretty. 

I wasn't crazy abouth her clothes when I saw her prototype, but they look nicer in person. Definitely not top quality, but it feels better quality than other Fashionistas' outfits. 

 One of the reasons I make reviews, besides make me appreciate more the dolls that I unbox, is to help people find information about a certain dolls and maybe help them make up their minds wether buy her or not. If you asked me which doll would I choose between this and Chambray Chic, I would definitely choose this one. She has more personality and somehow I find her more photogenic. 

 Now it's time to choose a name. I've been thinking of calling her June, which is actually the name I chose for the pink haired with the daisy dress one. However, since I only seem to find the wonky eyed ones, it doesn't look like I'm going to get one in the near future, so maybe I should use June for this one. Any other name suggestions?

Also, I haven't uploaded all the photos I've taken of So Sporty, so if you want to see more you can follow me on Instagram.

So what do you guys think of So Sporty? Do you have her in your collection? 



  1. I really do like So Sporty. I love her hair color. I rebodies mine onto a MTM body.

    1. Hi Phyllis! Her hair color is gorgeous. Even though I would prefer some articulation, I like mine beign a curvy lady. Which MTM doll did you use to rebody her?

  2. She has my favorite face out of all the newer Fashionistas they did. I like her wide face and puffy cheeks. She looks like a Ruby to me.

    1. Hi Muff! I like her chubby cheeks and her full lips. I prefer her face paint to Chambray Chic and Spring into Style. I like the name Ruby, but it doesn't work for her to me, but thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I don't really collect Barbies anymore, but since I've been seeing this doll's face around the blogosphere, she's beginning to grow on me. It's really too bad Mattel doesn't use articulated bodies for these dolls. But I have seen this one (with the dark hair) rebodied and she's really very pretty. The fashions are interesting. I really like the baseball cap.

    1. Hi April! I also wish Mattel would do some of this Fashionistas articulated, I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more for an articulated doll! I like the face aswell, and Barbies are quite unexpensive compared to higher quality dolls (the quality isn't the same either), so you can get one of this and a MTM doll to rebody her.
      Thanks for stopping by!