Sunday, 25 June 2017

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionista Petite "Style so sweet"

Hi everyone!
I know I haven't posted in a week, but the first season of Attack on Titan was about to leave Netflix and I really had to binge watch it. Also, I have a new work schedule at my job and I'm getting used to it. But finally, I managed to get some time to write.

Barbie Fashionistas petite Style so sweet review

Today is time to review Barbie Fashionista number 56 Style so sweet, from the 2017 Fashionistas line up. I got her back in May, and I've been dying to open her. So let's start.

 The new Fashionistas boxes aren't very different from last years. I've seen on the Internet that some dolls have their name written on the front, but mine doesn't.

Style so sweet fashionista 56 box

 On the back of the box we can see this grid that indicates that this doll uses the petite body. 

Barbie Fashionistas Petite Box Monster Crafts

I don't like the way she comes attached to the box, because I can't examine her face without opening it.

 Thank goodness she's not wonky!

Style so Sweet Mbili head mold

  And finally, she's out of the box.

Barbie Fashionista Petite Style So Sweet doll review Monster Crafts

Style so Sweet (from now on she's going to be called Sweet) has dark skin, light brown eyes and red full lips. She uses the Mbili headmold, so she kind of reminds me of Grace. She has a little stain on her cheek that I can't get rid of.

Style So Sweet Fashionista review face

She has dark crimped hair that's styled into a high ponytail. I love the hair texture and it comes it pretty good condition. 

Style So Sweet Petite Fashionista crimp hair

Sweet wears a wide peach color dress with an ice cream pattern on it. Someone at Mattel really likes ice creams! The pattern is quite fun, but I don't like the shape of the dress. It reminds me of something between those baggy t-shirts that were fashionable in the 90s and a scrub. 

Style so sweet ice cream dress barbie fashionista

Her shoes are a pair of high top pink sneakers that don't match the outfit at all! For some strage reason, they come tied with rubber bands.

Style So Sweet Petite Fashionista pink shoes

She also wears a light purple watch as her only accesory. I think it's odd they picked this color for her watch, because neither her outfit nor her shoes have purple on it.

Overall, I think that the doll herself is gorgeous, but her outfit is quite off to me. If this line is called Fashionistas, shouldn't their outfits be a little bit more fashionable? Or at least color cordinated. 

Barbie Fashionista Petite Review The Doll Evolves

However, I didn't pick this doll because of her outfit, but because of her cute face and hair. This are quite unexpensive, so it's worth getting her if you think she has a pretty face.

Petite Fashionista review Style So Sweet

Even though some of the new Fashionistas design are really cool, I just wish Mattel would spread this dolls in different collections, giving us the possibility to buy something a little bit better quality. I wouldn't mind expending 20€ on a fully articulated doll with a more elaborated outfit instead of 10 on an stiff one with cheap clothes. 

Style So Sweet Fashionistas 2017

And, as usual, I would like name suggestions for this lady. I've been looking for inspiration on old Barbie characters, but neither the names Shani or Cara suits her. Any suggestions?



  1. I thought it looked like a scrub too. She is very cute, but I can't believe how bland the Fashionista clothing line is. There really is nothing "fashionable" about thm at all. However with all that said, I do adore all the different dolls. There is a petit one that has freckles that I'm going to buy next.

    1. Hi Barbara! I agree about the fashions, I understand the cheap fabric, as the dolls cost around 10$, but sometimes the designs could be a lot better. They're called Fashionistas for a reason! I do appreciate the diversity too. The doll you're talking about is the one with the kitten t-shirt? I did a review a while ago.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree that this girl is a lovely doll. Of course, I rebodied her on a MTM body and redressed her. This outfit may be one of the stupidest outfits I have seen on a Fashionista though. It does fit better as a Ken shirt!

    1. I actually saw a picture of a Ken doll wearing this and really suit him!I don't think I'm going to rebody this one not only because I like her being petite, but because MTM dolls are getting hard to find.

  3. Her outfit is definitely weird. Not sure what Mattel was thinking with this one. Sometimes I think some of the amateurs out there producing clothes would be better than some of the designers that they have now.

    Have you seen the new Barbie Look doll with a curvy articulated body? Not sure how much she will cost for you, though.

    1. There's even a comment on Mattel's shop saying this is one of the laziest outfits on a doll. I hope they take note.
      Yes, I have seen her and she's on my wishlist, but the other Look doll with super long hair is first. They avaliable on Amazon at quite a fair price, but they won't be delivered until mid July.

  4. If she worked in an ice cream shop then I could understand that outfit. Even more if the ice cream shop was in a hospital. It still looks ridiculous though.

    1. Well, I think nobody likes that dress. I also thought the ice cream shop uniform thing. This dolls are called Fashionistas for a reason, they should were a little bit more fashionable outfits!

  5. She is so adorable! But, yes, I agree that her outfit is pretty bad. I also agree with you that sometimes the dolls are looking to the side so it's hard to check their eyes. I'm glad you got a good one! This one is on my list to pick up the next time I'm at Walmart!

    1. Hi Farrah Lily! Also, sometimes they're wearing glasses and you can't see if they're wonky or not. Good luck finding her!

  6. I got this doll, but the dress is ugly. I can't imagine anyone pairing a peach-background dress with dark pink trainers and a lilac watch. Shrug. But the doll and her face paint are worth setting aside the "fashion."

    Regarding naming her - does she remind you of anyone? That's helped me rename some dolls. Good luck re-naming.

    1. Hey D7ana! I can't imagine that either! Maybe someone's kid went to the office that day and help them pick the accessories. However, I do agree that the doll is still beautiful.

      She doesn't remind me of anyone, but I think I'm going to call her Sasha. Thanks for stopping by.