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Doll unboxing and review: Amanita Nightshade

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Today I'm going to review Monster High's Amanita Nightshade, the daughter of the Corpse Flower, who blooms each 1.300 years. Amanita is part of the Gloom and Bloom line, being her, the Corpse Flower, the main protagonist of this event. Amanita  has a huge ego, as she considers herself a gorgeous monster that deserves being treated as a princess.

Amanita Nightshade

Amanita's box has this new design that many of the doll lines seem to have now, only that her names comes in silver glittery letters, like Casta Fierce's box. I really like Amanita's artwork.

At the back of the box, you can take a closer look to Amanitas amazing artwork.

With the plastic removed, you can take a closer look to Amanita. The background looks like a garden full of pictures of her because she's so selfish. I find the detail of Lorna photobombing Amanita's picture very funny. The box has also attached a cute purple portfolio.

Amanita Nightshade review

Amanita has light green skin, purple eyes, lips and eyebrows and has a leaves inspired make up which I find very original.

Amananita Nightshade Monster High

Despite looking very similar, her skintone is not exactly the same that Venus or Casta Fierce have. Venus's tone is a little bit more yellowish while Casta's is darker. 

Comparison Venus and Amanita

Comparison Casta Fierce Amanita Nightshade

Amanita has long wavy hair with a lovely combination of electric blue with purple. Her curls are not super defined, but at least she doesn't have super frizz hair or a sea of glue. She also wears this huge flower shaped hair accesory.

She also comes with this two purple flowers with green leaves that seem to be part of the character and not an accesory, just like Venus and her vines. One of them keeps falling all the time and really got me on my nerves while I was taking the pictures.

She wears black shoes with what seems like a flower shape. The shoes are beautiful, but I miss more painted details. 

She wears a light purple dress with some flowery details. The skirt looks like a flower's bud upside down.

The purple dress is, in fact, like an overdress, as she's wearing a short black and green more casual dress under it.

She also brings a black purse (that also could have had more painted details) and a cell phone. For someone who has been "sleeping" for the last 1.300 years, she has learned how use a cellphone to take selfies very quickly.

When I remove her cellphone from her hand, I notice that her hand has marks of the rubber band that was holding the phone. This never happened to me and I don't know if I can fix this. Take a closer look of Amanita's hand.

 She also includes a doll stand, a diary and a brush. The stand and the brush come attached at the back of the box. I'm a little bit dissapointed that she has the regular black stand, instead of something more original like the saddle horse type that Catty Noir had, or something different, like the Haunted dolls. I think that a flower shape stand would have been much more interesting than a boring plain black stand. 

The thing that I like the most about Amanita is that she's very photogenic and I have a great time taking pics of her. Some other dolls, like Venus, are harder for me to photograph and I'm never happy with the result. She's an overall nice doll, however, I really do think that Mattel could have gone further with this doll and make something amazing instead of just a pretty doll. I'm also a little bit worried about the hand thing and I want to fix it. Can you guys help me?

Amanita Nightshade

What do you guys think of Amanita? Do you like her?

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