Monday, 18 January 2016

About the Monster High reboot

Hello there!

I've been absent from the blog for a few months, because, as usual, I've been busy with university and my job. Luckily, I have a few weeks before the next semester starts, so I'll try to post on this blog during that time.

Signature EAH Cupid

In this few months that I've been absent form the blog, my doll collection has increased a little bit. I've got some Ever After High dolls, such as Cupid, Briar Beauty, Ginger Breadhouse and Darling Charming, as well as some not so new Monster High dolls (Art Class Robecca and the two doll pack with Abbey and Heath). I was lucky and I got most of this dolls with big discounts, like Briar, that was only 10€. 

Signature Darling Charming

For Christmas Mr. Monster got me a Isi Dawndancer doll, which I really wanted from the first time I saw her. Later Elle Eedee arrived, thanks to a wonderful Amazon discount we got because we bought all of our nephews presents on-line.

 I have really missed the blog during this months, and I wanted to post about all my dolly news, but unfortunatelly, I just didn't have the time. 

Besides all my new dolls,  there's something I wanted to post about for a while: the Monster High reboot. A few weeks ago, an official video announcing the new line was leaked. After this, a lot of fans got mad because they were changing the character's faces, specially Draculaura and Frankie's. Also, they seemed upset because they felt like this changed betrayed the line's slogan "Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!". I haven't found the video, but I found this picture of Draculaura at the Pink Vamp Facebook page.

 I don't really like this reboot, but not because of the faces, in fact, some of the characters, like Lagoona or Clawdeen look very similar (but I'm not crazy about Frankie and Draculaura). To me, the problem is that they look "too playline". To make a comparision with Barbie, who has changed her face a lot during the years, the new ones look more like those fairy/butterfly/mermaid Barbie dolls that don't even come articulated.The articulations were one of the best things about the old Monster High dolls! Also, their ouftits seem a little bit more plain and less fierce. 

I've said a couple of times that Monster High needed to change its direction but is this the right one? Is this change going to be a success or a big fail? Time will tell.

So, what do you guys think about this Monster High reboot? Do you like the new dolls?

Blog to you soon!



  1. Glad to see you blogging! Of course, work and classes need to come first, real life can be so busy. You got some great purchases, at excellent prices!
    The Monster High reboot is good for little kids, as the dolls are more friendly looking and maybe easy to handle. But, I think it would be better to make a children's line, and one for older kids/collectors at the same time. The edgy look and original design should not disappear, I will miss the "old" dolls very much (and the cool packaging :-) ).
    Enjoy your few weeks off! xxx

    1. Yes, I agree, the reboot looks more for little kids. Also some of the new faces look weird, but some of them look very similar, like Lagoona. I hope they go back again to the fierceness (is that a word?) of the first lines, even if they keep a budget line for little kids.

  2. I am 11 still young and loved monster high from the start. When I learned about the reboot it was like monster high tore my heart in half. I know the new dolls look cool but it is not monster high to me. It is not the same as all the old dolls and movies from before why do they have to change they are just going to lose so many fans and doll collecters.

    1. Hello Hannah! Yes, I totally agree, they're not the same, and I'm also think they're going to loose a few fans.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I hate to say it but I'm not surprised and in fact it was predicted by blogger soratothamax a couple of years ago. Mattel has always been a company about appealing to retailers. The retailers, especially the big ones like Walmart and Target and right now the new trend is Disney toys and dolls. When MH first came out it was made to compete against the ever popular Bratz dolls back in 2010 after Mattel lost the Myscene dolls during a lawsuit battle for the Bratz title. This is why, when we loOK back at older MH dolls they resemble the edgy Bratz with big lips, feet, heads, and glossy eyes. But now that the edgy trend has died with the Bratz dolls no longer serving as competition, Mattel is now focused on competing against the Disney market. The only way to do that is to reboot MH to resemble the ever sweet looking Disney princesses, less scary and more appealing to retailers who have become increasingly picky about the dolls they want to buy for their stores. It's the sad reality of business.

    1. Hello Ray Girl7! Thanks for your comment!
      I see your point about competing agains certain lines, and I see that now Princesses and Disney are on trend. I didn't know the blog you mentioned, so I'll check it out.

  4. I think the reason for the reboot was because Mattel didn't want mh to last long but It got famous so they had to keep it going

    1. Hello Wildside Dolls! That's an interesting teory! Thanks for stopping by!