Doll review: Isi Dawndancer

Hello ghouls and mansters!

Today it's time to review a doll that I wanted ever since I saw her prototype at San Diego ComiCon. Isi Dawndancer, from the Monster High line Brand Boo Students. Isi is the daughter of the Deer Spirit and, as her surname hints, she loves dancing because it's such an important thing in her culture. She comes to Monster High in order to find the meaning of a vision she had. 

Isi Dawndancer Monster High

So let's start with the box. The Brand Boo Students boxes are quite similar to the Monster Exchange ones. In fact, I always thought that this line was Monster Exchange Wave 2

Monster High Isi Dawndancer

With the box still closed, it's hard to get a good shot of Isi. 

At the back of the box, we have Isi's beautiful artwork and some information about her. 

With the front plastic removed, we can see more details of her, but it's still hard to get a good shot.

Isi is one of the most unique Monster High dolls I've ever seen. Her face is really deer-like, she even has hoove shaped feet (I'll show you that later on). She resembles more to a deer than, for example, Clawdeen resembles a wolf. 

So let's start with the face. Isi has tanned skin, big brown eyes and deer shaped ears. The white dots on her cheeks and forehead, as well as her eyebrows that go all the way down to her nose giver her that deer-like appearance. 

Isi Dawndancer Monster High review

She has this beautiful long turquoise hair. Because of the box, it's a little bit curled on the back, but at least it's not all glued. 

Isi Dawndancer Brand Boo Students review

I was wondering if her hair was the same shade as Nefera's, but Nefera's hair is greener. I took this picture for comparision, but the diference is not very noticeable. 

Boo York Nefera Isi Dawndancer
She wears also a headpice decorated with antlers. I guess they did it to make her look more like a deer.

Monster High Isi Dawndancer

She wears a black jumpsuit and a red sweater on top, both with tribal patterns.

She carries this round turquoise purse that looks like a dream catcher. I think it's cute, but, as usual, it could use more painted details.

Her shoes are the same colour as her purse and has modeled tassels that give some sensation of movement.

Isi Dawndancer shoes

Now let's pay attention to her feet.  As I said before, her feet are hooved shaped. Also her heel has a different shape. It catches my attention than her lower legs seem made of a different type of plastic than other Monster High dolls. 

I think that Isi is a great doll. In fact, from all the characters that have been released lately, she's probably my favourite. The design of this doll is a little bit risky, because she does not look as human-like as other characters (like Lagoona or Clawdeen) and I'm not really sure if that will appeal to all little girls.  However, as an adult collector, her animal appearence is one of the things I like the most about her.

Brand Boo Students Isi Dawndancer

I totally recomend this doll. She's gorgeous looking and quite different from other dolls in this collection. 

So what do you guys think about Isi Dawndancer? Have you added her to your collection?



  1. Wow, this is one gorgeous doll!!! I love everything about her: the face, clothes, accessories, really awesome! I would love to have her if I can find her :-). Thank you for the excellent review!

    1. Hello Linda, thanks so much for your lovely comment. At the beginning she was hard to photograph, but now I just love her, her face is so cute!
      My boyfriend got me this doll as a Christmas present, he bought her from because it was not avaliable in Spain. Check out there, maybe you can find her!

  2. She is so beautiful! I got her for Christmas and I love her so much!

    1. Hello Addy! You're right Isi is so gorgeous and her hair is so beautiful.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I found her at a Corte Inglés, she was the last one, I took her with me even if she was around 27€. She is gorgeous, I can't love her enough. I have her guarded by my MH ghosts dolls (lol) and my Godness, Mattel did a good job with her. She doesn't have a ton of glue inside her head, she doesn't have hair product that makes her hair crispy, she has good hair that doesn't tangle...I'm starting to think that she's a collector's doll in the price range of a normal doll.

    1. Hello Zilkenian! El Corte Inglés tends to be a little bit expensive, and I try to avoid buying there as much as I can. I agree with you, her quality is pretty good compared to other Monster High dolls, and her hair is just beautiful.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Yeah, same, but sometimes they do have dolls that never come to other shops, have to spend a tad more to get them. Right now, the only way to get Isi is in Amazon, and she's already at 61€ (no kidding). I think I'm happy with the price I paid XD.

    3. That's crazy! Good thing that you got her!


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