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Doll Review: Signature Darling Charming

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Today I'm going to review Darling Charming, daugther of King Charming, from the Ever After High doll line. This is my first Ever After High review, so I'm very excited. 

Darling Charming Rebel
Darling is the younger sister of Daring and Dexter Charming. She's destined to be a Princess Charming in some fairy tale, but she would prefer to be the hero in the story rather than the princess in distress. 

Darling Charming review

Darling's box has a book shape. Actually, looks like three books in different positions. The box is quite nice and let us get a good look of the doll.

Darling Charming review

At the back of the box, we can read a little bit about Darling. Also, there's Darling's artwork on the right of the box. In my opinion, the artwork is not as cute as the doll, and also I feel like the Monster High artworks have more movement.

 I think that the Ever After High boxes are quite nice. I also like the fact that the name of the doll is written in the background.

Darling is a nice doll, I'm so excited to take her out of the box! 

Darling Charming Ever After High

Darling has pale skin, baby blue eyes and a beauty mark under her right eye. She wears blue eyeshadow and has pink lips. She has a little bit of blue paint in one of her eyebrows, I hope I can fix that

Ever After High Darling Charming Review

 Her hair is wavy and blonde, with some baby blue highlights. Despite being in a box, her hair is in pretty good condition.

She also wears this silver tiara with some pink feather decoration. In her artwork, the heart is painted blue instead of pink. 

Darling Charming tiara

 Darling dress is mainly silver and blue, with some pink accents. It's a quite simple dress, but very nice. I think that the blue overskirt gives the outfit a princessy look. 

 And because Darling doesn't want to be just a princess, she wears this armor-like shoulder pads and belt. I really like the shoulder pads, but they don't let Darling move her arms properly. 

 As many Ever After High dolls, Darling comes with a ring. It's quite nice and really fits her knight princes look.

Her shoes are painted silver and have lots of molded details, such as frills and jewels. They have a little bit of a baroque flavour, don't they?

Darling EAH shoes

 She also comes with this silver purse that, honestly, I find a little bit bland despite the armor-inspired details  

 I've always thought that the Ever After High dolls were cute, but I wasn't as interested in them as in Monster High dolls. Monster High dolls look more unique and diverse to me. However, I think that, overall, Darling is a nice doll. Her overall design might not be very risky, but I really like the personality she's been given. In fact, the main reason why I am interested in this particular character is the fact that she wants to be a knight instead of a princess. 

 There are a couple more of Ever After High dolls I'm interested in, like Melody Piper, so probably you'll se more of them on this blog. Also, I'm dying to get my hands on Dragon Games Darling Charming, she looks awsome. 

 So what do you think of Darling Charming? Is she in your Ever After High collection?



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