Monday, 15 February 2016

Doll review: Porter Geiss

Hello my doll lovers, what have you been up to?

Sorry I didn't post anything earlier, but houses need to be cleaned from time to time and mine was in serious need. Also, this week I wasn't very motivated to write anything, I've been quite dissapointed with the doll world. I didn't have a very good experience while contacting Mattel's Customer Support, despite other's people good experiences. So, as you may understand, I wasn't really looking foward to come to this blog and talk about their products.

But let's forget about the whole Customer Support thing and let's move on onto the review. Today I'm going to review Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss, from the Monster High line Haunted. From this line I have already reviewed Kiyomi Haunterly and River Styxx, you can read them here and here. Porter is the son of a poltergeist and he attends a school for ghosts called Haunted High. Honestly, this doll being a ghost was kind of ironic, because it took me like a hundred years to find him while other collectors told me that they had seen him in several stores. Finally, I had to buy him on Amazon and, thanks to the wonderful spanish postal service, he arrived later than expected, so I couldn't review him before I started University.

Porter is an artist and he loves painting everything he finds with ghost paint, so that's why his nickname is Paintergeist. Because of that he seems to always be in detention.
Porter's box is the same as Kiyomi and River had. I like this type of boxes because you can see the whole doll, and also I like the molded chain detail.

At the back of the box, you can read a little bit of Porter... in several languages but mine. I doesn't surprise me, as this doll was imported from Germany.

Honestly, I consider than Porter's artwork is cuter than his actual doll.

And finally, he's out of the box.

 Porter has light green skin, made of some semi-translucent plastic, the same as Kiyomi and Vandala had. His hair is also green and doesn't make much contrast with his skin because they're both similar tones. Also, I'm not crazy about his hair style, but is not the worst hairstyle I've seen on a male doll.

 One of Porter's hands is molded in a way that looks like he's using an spray can

Porter wears this chains around his shoulders to hold two cans of spray paint. It's a little bit strange because from the front it looks like a backpack, but if you turn him around, there's nothing on the back.

I removed the paint-holder chains to take a closer look to Porter's outfit. He wears a grey short sleeve shirt that has pink and blue paint over his chest and the sleeves. It looks like the paint he was carrying was opened accidentaly. The shirt is quite long and is stuck inside his pants.

As 90% of Monster High male dolls, Porter wears shorts. They're quite nice actually, they have this brick wall pattern and some splattered paint on them, however, they're to low on the waist part.

He wears also this chain belt, that's supposed to go in the lower part of his hips, but it keeps going up. It has some nice details on it, like this painter palete.  

Unlike Monster High girls, the boys shoes are nothing special. They're made of translucent blue plastic to give him a "ghostly" style, but I think they will look nicer in other colours. It's not a super trendy design, but it's quite nice and at least he's not wearing flip flops, like Gil Webber in the Manster pack.

Porter isn't exactly the doll with the best design in the Monster High line, and I wasn't completely drawn into him when he arrived, but I want to get as many of the mansters as I can. I don't like the fact that Mattel doesn't pay attention to the boys as they pay to the girls. Also, most of them seem to get the role of "the boyfriend of" or "the love interest of" role instead of having a personality on their own.

Porter Geiss doll review

Conclusions: I don't dislike Porter, but I'm not super crazy about him. I like the fact that he's a painter and loves art, being that the main trait of his personality, and not only "the ghost who likes Spectra".

Haunted Porter Geiss

And by the way, my Haunted collection is complete:

Haunted Monster High Vandala Kiyomi River Porter

So what do you guys think about Porter? Do you have him in your collection?



  1. I love Porter. But I don't have him, he was hard to find in here and now the prices are going up in the internet. ;w; In some of the boxes it says he glows in the dark, have you tested it? : >
    I adore the box's back photo, the doll isn't as pretty though, but I like it that he's a painter, and I like his skin tone, yet am not too happy about the see through shoes( but as you said, thankfully not flip flops!). I like the chain themed stand though, is it hard to get the doll to stay on it? Thank you very much for the lovely review! : D

    1. Hello Uraru, thanks a lot for your comment. Porter doesn't glow in the dark, and it doesn't mention anything about that in the box.I don't know if the glowing Porter may be a variant or a prototype. About the stand, it's easy to make him stay on it, and it's better than the regular black ones because it doesn't pinch the clothes. However, River is shorter and her feet don't touch the floor when she's on the stand.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. I also have Porter (along with everyone except Kiyomi. That girl doesn't attract my attention enough to buy her) and I think he looks rather good. I mean, look at Clawdeen's brother, and compare him to Porter. Porter has more personality in him than Clawdeen's brother, because that guy really is there to be "Draculaura's boyfriend": his clothes barely speak about him, while Porter's clothes do speak about him.
    I wish they made more version of this guy along with Invisi. Those two are my favourites.

    1. Hello Zilkenian!
      I agree with the clothes thing, they have more personality. What I don't like about Porter is probably his face, I wish it looked more like his artwork. Also, I would have prefered a more contrasting hair colour.
      Thanks for stopping by!