Making glasses for Monster High dolls

Hello ghouls!

I can't believe it's almost the end of February! New semester is starting soon, so that means that, unfortunatelly, I won't be able to post on a regular basis until June. I will make an effort to come here at least once per month, but I can't promise anything.

Today I want to share with you a small craft I've been working on: doll glasses. I'm trying to make a small tutorial of how I did them, but this craft is far from being perfect. Also, I wish I had taken more and better pictures during the process! I got this idea inspired by one of my favourite Monster High characters, Ghoulia Yelps. 

For this craft I used cardboard from a cereal or cookie box, glue, a nail file, a precission knife and craft paint. For kids that might be reading this, you should ask an adult to help you. 

 So I start by drawing the glasses design on a piece of cardboard. I took the shape and the size from a pair of Ghoulia's glasses that I already have. To make the drawing symmetrical, bend the cardboard and draw half of the glasses. Then cut it to have a template.

Copy the design several time on the cardboard and cut them. For my design, I think I cut like 4 or 5 pieces. Also, I thought it would be easier to cut first the inner part of the glasses and then the outer part.

how to make glasses for monster high dolls

Glue the pieces together and sand the edges to make them smooth. I had a hard time doing this, because my cuts weren't very neat, and also because it was hard to reach the inner part of the glasses.

Then draw the sides of the glasses. I made my first drawing longer and then I tried it on the doll, to see how much would I need to cut. Copy your design, cut and glue together all the pieces, just as before. For the sides I used 3 pieces for each side.

 Now is time to glue all the pieces together. I will recommend to try the glasses first on the doll and make adjustments if needed. The sides of my glasses were still a little bit longer and I had to sand them a little bit. 

 Once the glue is completely dry, paint the glasses any colour of your choice. I painted mine red because they were for my Ghoulia doll and she didn't have any red glasses. You can also decorate them with scrapbook paper if you want! 

And once the paint has dried, our dolls can enjoy their new glasses. Ghoulia seems very happy with them.

Ghoulia new doll glasses

My glasses are far from being perfect and they look more like a costume than realistic glasses, but Monster High line is not exactly a realistic doll line. I think I could improve this craft by working on the glasses design and on the technique. Probably cardboard is not the best material to make glasses for dolls. I've thought of craft foam, but probably it won't stay on the dolls head.

I encourage you to take this craft further if you want and make your own doll glasses, but don't forget to show me pics!

Blog to you as soon as possible!



  1. Have fun in the new semester! The glasses look great on Ghoulia!

    1. Thanks BlackKitty! I always get stressed during the course, but I know it will pay foward. I'm happy that you like my glasses.


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