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Today it's time to review my second Ever After High doll, Ginger Breadhouse, daughter of the Candy Witch. I didn't mention in my Darling Charming review that I got this two dolls from, because, apparently, the Ever After High doll line is no longer being sold in Spain. It's so sad, because some of the latest dolls seem quite interesting and now you have no other option than buying them from USA. 

So let's go back to the doll. Ginger Breadhouse is one of the newest students at Ever After High. She's a rebel because she doesn't to follow her destiny as the next Candy Witch from the Hansel and Gretel tale, she would rather be a famous chef. 

Ginger Breadhouse doll review Ever After High
Ginger's box looks exactly the same as Darling's. I really like this box design because it's super easy to open, easier than many Monster High boxes.

At the back of the box, there's a little information about Ginger and her artwork.

Ginger has an interesting desing, she looks a little bit like a mash up between Howleen Wolf and the Sweet Screams doll line.

She has a dark skin tone, similar to gingerbread. She's got big brown eyes, with dark dots under them. 

Her hair is hot pink and is styled in two pigtails. Honestly, her hair is quite poorly rooten, specially her fringe.

She also wears this headband with a cupcake decoration.

Ginger also comes with a pair of hot pink glasses. They look nice and funny, and give the doll a nerdy look.  

Ginger outfit looks quite modern and not as princessy as other Ever After High dolls. She wears a pink and caramel strapless dress with some glitter decoration. Now I've got glitter all over my table.She also wears a jean dress that has this tulle yellow piece sewn to the back. 

She wears a blue necklace/ shoulder piece that doesn't look very candy inspired, but makes the outfit more interesting.

Ginger Breadhouse necklace

Her tights are nice, they are brown with some vanilla decorations. Does this pattern look like a sweet to you?

Her sandals are probably my favourite thing about this doll. They're golden with fucsia accents and have this lollipop shape heels. Honestly, I'm feeling hungry just looking at them.

Ginger Breadhouse shoes

Her purse is quite interesting too. It has a cauldron shape, and the handle has the shape of a curved spoon. It's much more interesting than Darling's purse, actually.

Ginger is a nice doll and some details on her design are really pretty, like her shoes. Sometimes I find the Ever After High dolls a little bit bland, but this one has some nice details on her. However, Mattel needs to improve the quality of their dolls. I'm a little bit tired of poorly rooten hair, glued heads and articulations that don't work properly. If they managed to fix those issues, it would be great, and I wouldn't need to pray not to get the wonky doll each time I order a Monster High doll on line.

Ginger Breadhouse review

 And that's my Ginger Review. I just want to remind you that you can also find me on Facebook, Tumblr and Google +. So what do you guys think of Ginger Breadhouse? Do you collect Ever After High dolls?



  1. Ginger's tights look like icing on gingerbread to me. I'm glad you managed to get her, but it's sad they won't be selling the line any more in Spain. Do you have other means of buying them?

    1. Well, I don't like Ever After High as much as I like Monster High, but there are a couple of dolls that I wouldn't mind getting if they have a good price, such as Cedar Wood, Lizzie Hearts and Melody Piper. I also would love if they released a Ramona Badwolf doll soon, I just hope she doesn't disappoint me, like Cerise Hood did.

    2. When these dolls were only announced, I hoped they would look like the cartoons/art. I have one who sits with a blank face after several repainting attempts and I can't seem to bond with this line. Even the ones that looked good in promos turned out disappointing (like Melody). I don't have high hopes for Ramona (IF they even make her) in spite of her great colour scheme. I think the main reason they are less popular than MH is because the dolls look really, really different from the characters they represent.

    3. I also wish they looked a little bit more like the cartoon. Honestly, I've bought all my Ever After High dolls (except Cupid) because they had big discounts on them, but even with the discounts, I haven't purchased some characters because I wasn't completely drown to them.
      I totally see what you mean with why they're less popular than MH.I also think than one of the reasons is that the EAH dolls look all quite similar between them. They have the same head molds and, with very few exceptions, the same types of skin tones, while Monster High is more diverse, they have werecats, some characters have wings etc. EAH has good things too (I love Ginger's shoes, for example)but I feel than MH is more creative.


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