Doll review: Barbie Made to Move (A.A.)

Hello there! What have you been up to? After a week of holidays is time to go back to work, so that means I probably won't be able to post anything in a while. However, I just opened a doll themed Twitter account and you can send me any messages there.

Today, for my 50th blog post, I'm going to review one of the new Made to Move Barbie dolls, the most poseable Barbie. This dolls have more points of articulation, allowing the dolls to pose better.

So Mattel keeps on removing articulations from many of their playline dolls, like the Fashionistas or the Style Luxe dolls, but then they come up with this new body that has 22 points articulations. Anyways, I think that this dolls are an smart move because now collectors have new and affordable body donators. But anyway, let's start the review!
The Made to Move dolls come in this clear boxes. The background of the box has several pictures of the Made to Move dolls doing different activities.

The back of the box features a picture of each of the dolls introduced in this wave. I really want to get the asian one with the Lea face mold. 

With the plastic removed we can take a better look at the doll. The way she's attached to the box makes me think that the doll is jumping.

Here she is out of the box:

She's got a really nice face. Because se uses the Asha headmold, I'm going to call her Asha from now on, despite I don't think that's her official name. I like the combination of her skin tone with the shades of her hair.

Her outfit is basically a fitness outfit: a pair of black leggins and a pink and yellow top. Nothing special, but the leggins can be used for other outfits.

The most interesting thing about this doll is the new points of articulation that make the dolls pose in ways other articulated dolls can't. Notice her double articulation in the elbow.

She can even do this:

 She can also sit with her legs crossed. Her knees articulation felt a little stift at the beggining, but they feel a little bit more loose after a few poses.

 Because you can't go everywhere with sport clothes, I'm going to change Asha's outfit.  This outfit comes in a two outfit pack. Sorry, I didn't take a picture before opening it. I like how the pink top looks on Asha.

I've read that the Made to Move dolls had a thicker body than other Barbies and some of the clothes don't fit on them, but I didn't have problems with the skirt or the top. However, one of the shoes felt too hard to fit, but anyway, I managed to put it on Asha's foot. The shoes and the bag are not very realistic, but the bright colours suit her skin tone.

 To end this review, I'd like to show you the difference between this dolls and other articulated Barbies. Here's Asha sitting cross-legged next to Style Luxe Teresa:

I don't know if you can notice that in the picture, but Asha can cross her leg in a more realistic way, while Teresa's pose looks more rigid. 

I'm really happy with this doll, not only because of her articulation, also because I really like her face. The outfit is nothing special, just a fitness outfit, and also the dolls come barefoot and don't bring any accesories. As I said, this dolls are a great addition to Barbie's world, however, I think that this body type could be used in other lines, not just in an sport themed one. Anyway, I've already added to my wishlist the asian one and the redhead from the second wave. I wonder how many of this Made to Move are they going to release.

So what do you guys think about this new dolls? Which dolls would you like to appear in the next Made to Move wave?


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  1. Love the Made to Move dolls. I have already swapped several of my dolls for this body in each of the skin tones. I wish all of the Fashionista lines had articulation. Would love to see a Made to Move body on the new Curvy, Tall and Petite dolls too!

    1. I'd love to see the new body shapes with the Made To Move articulation too, or at least in any articulated body. When I was younger many Barbies had articulated elbows and knees, I don't know why don't they give this new dolls at least those two point of articulation.

      For a future wave of the Made to Move dolls, I'd love to see the L.A. Girl (the one with shaved head), the one with the green romper with ice cream patterns and maybe one of the So In Style characters, because they were never sold in my country. Also a Made to Move Ken would be great!

  2. Love these new bodies! I totally agree with you on how good it would be to see some MTM Kens!

    1. Hello Farrah Lily! Made to Move Ken would be great, as far as they don't give him molded hair.

  3. I have the purple top one, I would like this one as well! It's a gorgeous doll, I wish it came with nicer clothes, shoes and fancier makeup. I haven't posted any pictures yet because I'm still working on her outfit.

    1. I want the purple top one as well, but I'll wait until my next paycheck. I also have Barbie (pink top), I got her at Toys'r'us because they had a 25% off on Barbie dolls. Unfortunatelly they didn't have the purple top one. I agree with the clothes, I wish this body was introduced in other doll lines and not only in an sport themed one.


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