Doll review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Crazy for Coral"

Hello my dear doll lovers! How's April going?

I'm trying to stick to my "one post per month" plan, so I thought that this week would be perfect, because I'm on holidays and I have more spare time. 

Today I'm going to review my first Barbie doll: Crazy for Coral from the Barbie Fashionistas doll line. This doll is from the latest fashionista wave, that incorporates three new body shapes. I talked about this new bodies earlier on this blog, you can read my opinion here. Crazy for Coral has one of those new bodies, known as "petite", so that means she's shorter than regular Barbies. 

So let's start with the box. This new fashionistas line have clear narrow boxes with the word "Fashionista" molded on the left part. The box doesn't contain much information of the doll, just their number. It catches my attention that the word "Petite" doesn't appear anywhere.

Barbie fashionista doll review crazy for coral petite

On the back of the box, we can see all of the fashionistas in this line.

Barbie Fashionistas box new bodies

With the plastic removed, we can take a better look at her.

Barbie fashionista crazy for coral review

I have one negative comment about this box. As usual, the dolls have their head attached to the back of the box with those horrible plastic things, and the only way possible to release her was to tear the box. I hate those plastic things, they make the dolls hair look even worse. Seriously Mattel, do you have to always use them? Are you affraid that the doll might run away? 

So I FINALLY managed to release her. Here she is:

Doll review Crazy for Coral

She has a really sweet face. I'm not an expert in Barbie head molds, but I think she uses the Skipper head mold, so that might be a good reason of why she reminds me of Skipper.

Crazy for Coral fashionista review

Her hair looks much bigger than in the promo pictures, however, I like it more this way. 

Crazy for Coral petite fashionista review

 And fortunately, the back of her hair looks quite decent despite being in a box and those horrible plastics.
Petite Barbie fashionista review

She's wearing a pink coral dress with a golden pattern. The top part that covers her chest is black and has a ribbon tied on the back of her neck. The dress is nice, but nothing too fabulous.

She also wears this golden bracelet.

This doll has flat feet. She's the first Barbie doll that I own that has flat feet. She wears this golden sandals with molded studs that I find quite neat.

The bad thing about this fashionistas is that they're not articulated. I thought that her knees would bend a little bit with a click, like the dolls I had as a kid, but they don't. So this is the only way she can sit down:

Barbie fashionista doll review

I had a hard time trying to make her pose, because I'm used to fully articulated dolls like Monster High or Barbie Style Luxe. Because her elbow is bended, she can touch her hair.

Barbie Fashionista Crazy For Coral Petite

 As I told you earlier, this doll is shorter than the average Barbie. I compared her to Style Luxe Midge. Because Midge didn't feel like standing on her own, this is the best pic I managed to take:

Barbie fashionista Style Luxe Midge

As an overall opinion, I think that this is a nice doll, but there are a few things that could have been better, like for example knees that bended. Also, the doll doesn't bring any accesories, not even a purse. However, I'm happy that Mattel released this new bodies because it just adds more variety to the Barbie line. I hope this whole line is a success and they give us more fashionistas with articulated bodies.

Barbie Fashionista Petite review

By the way, the new Fashionistas don't have official names, so this one doesn't currently have one. I'm considering calling her Courtney, as one of Skipper's friends. What do you think?

Blog to you soon.



  1. I love the face on this doll, but I too don't understand why Mattel didn't give them at least click knees. Hopefully, they will bring these out with articulation in the future. While I do love this new line of body types, the only ones I am keeping on their original bodies is the Curvy girls. The rest of the ones that I have will be rebodied to an articulated body.

    1. Hello Phyllis! She's got a lovely face, that's the main reason why I chose her. The lack of articulation is a little bit of a problem, but I hope that if this line sells well they'll give them articualation in the future. I understand that you're giving them new bodies, in my opinion what gives variety to the line is not only the bodies, but also the new faces and hair styles.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello!
    I love this new one as well..I also got her primarily for her beautiful face. I'll keep her on her little body for now as well as I like the variety...but I agree that the lack of articulation forces you to get creative with photos. ;)

    1. Hello Farrah Lily! In my opinion, the petites have the cutest faces. I'd love if they made an Style Luxe line with articulated bodies featuring this one, the L.A. Girl, the tall one with really short hair and the curvy one with blue hair.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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