Thursday, 11 August 2016

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Tall "White and Pink Pizzazz"

Hello my dear doll lovers! 

This is my 30th post this year and my 69th post since I started the blog. I can't belive I had so many things to write about! And for my 69th post, I'd  like to do a review of one of this year's Barbie Fashionistas: Doll number 30 "White and Pink Pizzazz". This doll has the new tall body, she's my first tall doll! I have already reviewed Petite "Crazy for Coral", Curvy "Sweetheart Stripes" and Curvy "Spring into Style"

I must confess that I wasn't totally drown to this doll when I saw her promo pictures, but when I saw her on the shop she looked nicer. So let's start the review.

Her box is not much different from other Fashionistas boxes. It catches my attention that the cardboard cutout featuring some doll in the line doesn't have the same shape than the molded plastic from the box.

And here she is out of the box. She has quite good balance.

I really like her happy face. I'm pretty sure this is a new mold released in this Fashionistas line. I don't know if it has an official name, but people seem to call it "smiley". 

She has shoulder lenght brown straigh hair. It feels quite good quality and it comes in good condition, except from a little stiffness from the hair styling product and some marks from the rubber bands.

I love her head from the side!
 I'm not crazy about her outfit, but it feels better quality than other fashionistas clothes. She wears a pink and white houndstooth check printed top that looks a little bit classic. She also wears a bright yellow necklace that I guess it was added to give contrast to the outfit.

 Her tube skirt is white with an elastic white mesh on top that gives it a more sporty look.

The shoes are my least favourite part and I think they don't match the oufit at all. This yellow sandals with super thick sole.... I would have gone for some ballerinas or more elegant sandals. 

White and pink pizzazz shoes

I think that, overall, she's a nice doll. She's probably not the most challenging one from the new Fashionistas, and she's not one of my favourites, but she's cute. Usually this dolls are retailed for 9-11€  Would I have bought her if she was more expensive? No, but she was worth the 9€.

White and Pink Pizzaz Barbie fashionista review

I know I might sound dull saying this everytime I do a review but... this dolls don't have names, so she needs one. Mr. Monster suggested Maya, but I've been considering Marina. She looks a little bit asian to me and Marina was the name given to the Kira dolls in Europe. I do like the name Maya, but I'll probably use it for the "Rock'n'Roll Plaid" Fashionista. Any other name suggestions?

Barbie fashionistas tall white and pink pizzazz 30

So what do you guys think of this lady? Do you have her in your collection?



  1. I think Marina is a suitable name, although she doesn't have blue eyes or anything blue. If I get a tall doll, it will probably be the blonde with shaved sides, but I'll admit this one has a cute face.

    1. Hello Black Kitty! I want the one wiht shaved sides aswell, but she hasn't arrived to my country yet. I quite didn't like her on the promo pics, but her face looks cuter in person.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I too like her face. I recently saw her in Walmart and at just a glance I thought she was Asian as I was passing by her, looking right at her she seems more 1/3 Asian maybe. I like the variety they seem to be giving the Asian molds. The necklace and shoes aren't that fashionable. She looks like a Bobbi to me.

    1. Hello Muff. Some of the new fashionistas seem to be mixed races and I really like that. I also like the variety of the asian molds. Maybe she doesn't look 100% asian, but it has an asian flavor to me, so that's why I looked for name inspiration in old Barbie asian friends.

      I know that Bobbi Brown is a woman, but maybe because I'm spanish the name Bobbi sounds masculine to me.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.