Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pop of Color 3

Hello everyone!

I've been quite busy lately and I' haven't been able to post anything or work on anything for my dolls lately. I still have so many things to do and write about before this summer is over and I'm back to class. I'm working on a living room diorama for my dolls, so I could take some scene doll photography, but truth is that I haven't worked much on it. However, I've found some time to take some doll photos and I'll like to share them with you. 

As I told on a previous post, I've bought some new colored cardstock for doll photography, but I just haven't had time until now to show you. As you now, I've been using some color sample sheets from my job for doll photography, but the problem with that is that they are A-4 size, so I cant take  full body photos. So, I decided to get some big size colored cardboard, and one of the new colors I got is a bright orange. Evie looks great against it.

Disney Descendants Evie Monster Crafts doll photography

This color really suits dark skin toned dolls like Asha.

Made to Move Barbie Asha Doll Photography Monster Crafts

And, as I said, with this cardstock sheets you can take full body pictures, like this one of Isi Dawndancer.

Isi Dawndancer Monster High doll photography

I think that orange is not the best color choice for Midge, but  that this pic turned out cute.

Barbie Style Luxe Midge fashion doll photography

 I also bought a light blue color a while ago. If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have already seen some of this pictures.

Barbie Made To Move Lea monster crafts blog

I love how sweet Chloe looks in this pic!

 And it looks great against orange hair Howleen

This light purple color doesn't look so pinky in real life, but somehow in the photos it does.

I love this color for Grace, it matches her outfit.

 I still have some of the sheets I borrowed from the shop, but the colors left aren't very interesting, like this pinky color.

I have  this darker than lavender color, that I'm not sure if I have already used or if I used a lighter tone. It's a little bitt dull, but it matches Darling's color scheme.

I hope you guys liked my photos, I had so much fun taking them. I'll try to finish the living room diorama before University starts, but I there's so much to do. 

So what do you guys use as props for doll photography? Which color is your favourite?



  1. I like the photos! As you know, sometimes I use scrapbook paper for backdrops. I've also used draped fabric, and I also have a Fashion Fever room backdrop that I found on a good deal. I'm thinking about going like a professional photography studio and getting a long roll of paper and making that the floor and the backdrop. Right now, I'm sick, so nothing is getting done. :(

    1. Hello Barb! I'm glad that you like my photos! In doll size, something 50x70cm could work as a professional roll. The colored cardstock that I use is more or less that size. I've also considered using wrapping paper, but some of them are glossy and would reflect the light.

      Sorry to hear you're sick, hope you get better soon!

  2. Great photos! In my personal life I'm very boring and pretty much stick to wearing black and gray. My dolls are a tad more colorful than me and they prefer a mix of brighter colors.

    1. Hello Muff, thanks for your compliment! In real life, I have to wear uniform to go to work, so I basically dress the same way from monday to saturday. I like black and shades of gray, as well as dark colors like burgundy. My dolls are more colorful than me aswell.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I don't know. I kinda like that dusty pink you deemed "boring". The orange is very nice.

    1. It doesn't really appeal to me for doll photography. I like the orange aswell, it's very happy.

      Thanks for stopping by!