Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Doll review: DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee

Hello my dear doll lovers!

Summer has flown by very quickly and, all of the sudden, it's the school year again. University starts tomorrow for me, but I still have a few days before hard work starts, so I hope I can still write another post. I'm quite happy that I've writen a lot on this blog this summer, but unfortunally I haven't been able to finish some projects or to write all the post that I had planned. During the semester I won't be able to post much, but you can still contact me on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram

On my last post, I reviewed Poison Ivy, from the DC Super Hero Girls line, and I mentioned that Bumblebee is my favourite, but she wasn't in the shop. Well, today I managed to find Bumblebee, and I couldn't resist getting her. 

 Bumblebee is, like Poison Ivy,  an student at Super Hero High. She's got the abilty to shrink thanks to her suit, and her wings allow her to fly.  In the comics, her real name is Karen Beecher, but I don't think her real name is mentioned on the DC Super Hero Girls webisodes.

Bumblebee's box has the same design as Poison's with her artwork on the lower corner. Her artwork is cute, but I prefer Poison's.

On the back of the box, we can see Bumblebee's arwork and read a little bit about her.

Finally, she's out of the box.

Bumblebee has dark skin, brown color eyes with pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick. I don't like much her makeup, I would prefer a more subtle lipstick color.

On my Poison Ivy post, I mentioned that I thought that all the Super Hero Girls had the same headmold. I've taken a picture of Poison Ivy and Bumblebee for comparison. Bumblebee's nose seems to be wider, but the shape of the face seems to be the same. 

Bumblebee has half shaved hair. Instead of flocked hair, like Monster High Venus or Barbie L.A. Girl, she's got molded braids. 

On the other side, she's got long wavy brunette hair with some orange and yellow highligths that look like honey.

She wears a black and yellow t-shirt with a honeycomb pattern on it. The front part of the t-shirt is shimmery yellow. It's made of some sort of lycra or elastic matterial and feels quite good quality.

Her leggins are black, with a honeycomb pattern on the lower part. I'm glad that her leggins are made of fabric and not painted.

She wears dark yellow high top trainers. They don't have the elaborated design of Monster High shoes, but you don't go to save the world in high heels right?

Instead of being part of the doll, her wings are attached to a backpack she wears. The backpack itself looks like a bee. 

She also wears two teal bracelets with insect wings molded on it. Also, one of her hands is closed, like she's trying to punch someone.

I really like Bumblebee and this new DC Super Hero Girls. I don't want to say that I'm going to start a new collection, but I'm definitely going to get a couple more of this. Also, I can't wait to see if they release new characters like Hawkgirl or Frost.

Both dolls of this line that I own are pretty good quality, which is great, considering that this dolls are produced by Mattel. I also like the concept of the line and, to me, it tries to have a possitive message for little girls. 

I hope I can write another post before I'm too busy with my studies, or at least be able to write one post per month. If I can't, I'll see you in January, after the finals. Anyway, I'll try to read your blogs as often as I can, but I can't promise anything.

So what do you guys think of Bumblebee? Do you like this new line?



  1. This is the one I wanted! I think she is awesome. Even though they basically have the same face, they did a good job distinguishing them.

    1. Hello Muff! Yes, I think she's awewome too! My favourite part is the hair and I also like the wings. I think that this line is very cute, and, despite the similar faces, I really like them.

  2. This is the one I chose! I generally go with dark-skinned gals, and I love her hair. I agree with you about the lipstick: a more coppery color might work better.

    1. Hello Smaller Places! I like dark skinned dolls aswell, and also dolls that look like mixed races. And yes, I was thinking of a more coppery or coffe and milk color for her lips. I guess great minds think alike.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I still Prefer Ivy, but I like how they did the cornrows. Good luck with your studies!

    1. Hello Black Kitty! I didn't like the molded hair at the beggining, but now I think it's more practical. Thanks, I need some help with my studies.

  4. Nice review! I think she is gorgeous as well and I love her overall design. We have Supergirl and Wonderwoman and I would like to collect them, but I don't care for Harley Quinn that much and I don't want to get the others "just to get them", but if I ever see them on sale I would like to get Bumblebee, Ivy and Batgirl! I also really hope the release Hawkgirl (and not as a SDCC exclusive, because those are just annoying!) :)

    1. Hello Farrah Lily! Wonder Woman is on my wishlist too, but I'm not totally drown to Super Girl or Harley Quinn. Of course, If I found a good sale, I would get all of them, of course.

      I see what you mean with the SDCC exclusives, I was waiting for them to release Katana, and when I saw she was an exclusive I was quite upset. I would have prefered if they had released a more luxury version of her, with a different outfit maybe, and then release her as a signature version.

    2. I totally agree about the Katana thing!