Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy

Hello my dear doll lovers! What have you been up to?

Today it's been a great day: I've had my morning off and I've gone to a  toy store. As usual, they didn't seem to have many new things in the Barbie section, but then Mr. Monster saw something in another shelf: DC Super Hero Girls! They were all except Bumblebee (my favourite) and Harley Quinn. I was between choosing Poison Ivy and Batgirl, and I finally chose Poison Ivy. So here she is!

The Super Hero Girls line is about teenage super heroes that go to an speciall high school to learn to control their powers. Some of the most popular super heroes from DC are featured in this line, like Wonder Woman. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are villians on the DC Universe, but in this line they're heroes in training. 

Let's start with the box. The DC Super Hero Girls boxes are really nice and very sturdy. We can take a good look into the doll, and has the Super Hero Girls logo on the top right corner and Poison Ivy's gorgeous artwork on the bottom right.

 The side of the box has also the artwork, and it's really beautiful.

 On the back of the box we can read a little bit about Super Hero High and about Poison Ivy.

 The box on the plastic is really sturdy, it took me a while to remove it. Finally, she's out of the box. 

Poison has oval face, fair skin, green eyes and pink lips. I think that all the DC Super Hero Girls use the same head mold, but I don't have another one to compare.

  Her hair is red, with some orange for highlights and it's really beautiful. It has a small braid on one side, decorated with a rose.

 She wears a green jumpsuit with a chiffon looking dress on top. The dress is very nice and has a flowery pattern on it. On top of that she wears a very nice vine belt.

 Without the dress, the jumpsuit alone looks quite dull. Also, mine is not very well sewn.

She wears a vine bracelet and a vine ring, that's supposed to be her weapon, as Poison has the ability to control plants. I like the ring, but it falls easily.

   She wears this ballerina looking shoes that have some vines that go all the way up to her knees. The vines are held in place by some rubber bands.

In general, I think that Poison Ivy is a really cute doll, and the doll looks better quality than other Mattel stuff. Her body feels a little bit heavier and sturdier, and the hair came in quite good condition. Also, I like the reinterpretation of the character into a shy high school student

 The Super Hero Girls are marketed as "action dolls" instead of "fashion dolls", as the line is more focused into the powers and strengths of the girls rather than the looks. I don't know if they will be adding some "fashion" to the "action", but they could come up with some interesting designs However, I really like this new DC Super Hero Girls dolls line concept, and I hope I can get some more in the near future.

So what do you guys think of the new Super Hero Girls? Do you have some in your collection?



  1. If I found a good deal for these dolls, this is the one I'd get, because she is dramatic while still looking like a random fashion doll. But it would have to be a VERY good deal, because I don't care for superheroes, cartoony faces and now Mattel.

    1. Hello Black Kitty! I do like superheroes and I find her cartoony face very cute, so I had to buy her. Her hair is very beautiful, I really like redhead dolls. This was a little bit expensive, but I had some discount on this store.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Like BlackKitty, I'm waiting on a good sale before I get one of these dolls. I want BumbleBee but not for full price. I like how athletic their bodies are.

    Every time I look at this Poison Ivy all I see is The Little Mermaid. Too much Disney influencing my view of redheads, lol.

    1. Hello Muff! Yes! She also reminds me of Little Mermaid, but I like her anyway.

      Yes, they are a little bit expensive and I hope to find a good sale aswell, but the Descendants dolls have been around for a while now and I still haven't seen them on sale, so I'm not really optimistic about that.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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