Friday, 27 January 2017

Doll Review: McKeyla McAlister with lava lamp experiment (Project MC2)

Since the Project MC2 came out, I wanted to get my hands on them. However, they didn't seem to be hitting the Spanish stores anytime soon and the price was too high on to be worth paying the 18€ of shipping. So, when I finally saw the dolls on a store (a year after their release) I had to get at least one. 

McKeyla McAlister lava lamp doll review

 The story around the Project Mc2 dolls is about McKeyla McAlister, a secret agent, and her smart friends who join her to form a team of young spies. This line tries to show young girls how interesting STEAM (they've added "art" to it) fields are. Some of the dolls, like this one I got, come with an experiment so girls can learn a little bit of basic science. And now,  let's start the review.

The Project Mc2 boxes are white, with the appearance of a notebook page or an school binder. The clear plastic window is an smaller box inserted inside the bigger white box. On the bottom left corner we can see a picture of the actress that plays McKeyla on the TV show, Mika Abdala.

Project MC2 McKeyla doll review

On the back of the box we can read about McKeyla, so we can get to know her better, and we have the instructions to make the lava lamp work. 

McKeyla McAlister with lava lamp box

On the bottom left corner there's this picture of the dolls, but I see something weird in them. Doesn't Adrienne Attoms look horrible?

On the back of the box there's a pre-cut window, which would have made the unboxing much easier if some of the plastics that had to be cut weren't hidden by the frame. Finally, she's out of the box.

McKeyla McAlister review Project MC2

McKeyla has an oval face and pale skin with some freckles on her nose and cheeks. She has light green insert eyes and rooted lashes. Her lips are full and painted in a nude color. I love how natural her make up is.

McKeyla McAlister review Monster Crafts blog

She has long, wavy, very dark brown hair. Her hair is quite messy on the back but feels quite well rooten. 

She wears a black fedora hat made of super cheap plastic and covered in velour. It's cool, but really poor quality.

McKeyla McAlister hat

Her outfit consist in a cool jean jacket with black leather sleeves, a white t-shirt with an owl drawing and a pair of jean shorts with suspenders. The jacket is quite cool.

McKeyla McAlister Project Mc2 clothes

Without the jacket, we can take a better look at the t-shirt and the jeans. I love the owl with glasses!

McKeyla McAlister Project Mc2 clothes

She also wears knee high light grey socks with a really subtle pattern that looks like letters to me.

Project MC2 shoes

 Her shoes are combat-style red boots with black soles. They have "MC2" molded on the sole.

Project MC2 shoes

 She doesn't wear any earrings, but she has this cute little ring with Mc2 written on.

She comes with a white plastic backpack decorated with silver chains and charms. 

She also comes with a composition book and a red tablet. The tablet fits insisde the compostion book, great thing for an spy.

Project Mc2 ADISON

McKeyla is a beautiful doll. I've never had a doll with instert eyes and I was worried that she would look wonky on the pictures, but she looks pretty.  I like the concept of the line, specially the educational purpose added to it. The science of the experiments is quite basic, but it may grow an interest in little girls. 

McKeyla McAlister doll review monster crafts blog

 Even though the doll is very cute, there are a few quality issues. The plastic of the body feels somehow cheap and her knee joints are very loose, so she can't pose standing up without falling. However, her hair and clothes were ok quality and I really like the design. In general, I think that this dolls are a little bit overpriced for the quality, at least in Spain.

Project MC2 McKeyla Lava Lamp review Monster Crafts

I like the Project Mc2, and I'd love to get a few more, but at a lower price. Also, I wish we could see the new waves soon.

McKeyla McAlister Project Mc2 review

 So what do you think of McKeyla? Do you collect Project Mc2 dolls?



  1. Your McKeyla is cute; I agree with you that Adrienne does look a little odd. I think her doll is the one I like least in real life as well.

    1. Hi Barb! The other one I've managed to get is Adrienne, and she looks nice to me. However, in that picture her eyes look weird.

  2. The dolls on the box are prototypes - the real dolls are much nicer.

    1. Hi Breanna! I wonder why they didn't put a photo of the actual dolls.

  3. I didn't know about their spy backstory. I just thought they were young scientists. They do look very LIV like and that isn't a bad thing.

    1. Yes Muff, they're spies and use the science to solve the mysteries and escape from the bad guys. And yes, they look quite like Liv dolls, but I think their headmolds are more diverse.

  4. Lovely doll...I have still been waiting to add these girls to my collection. There are so many versions out now that I can't decide which one to get. I would be interested in switching mine to a sturdier Liv or MTM body though, as you and other reviewers have noted the cheap and fragile body she comes with. I think your McKeyla is really cute! Do you think her clothes can fit Barbie?

    1. Hi Farrah Lily! I haven't tryied it myself, but I've seen on My Froggy Stuff Youtube channel that their t-shirts do fit Barbie dolls. Not so sure about the bottom parts. I know there are so many versions out right now, but the first wave was the only one avaliable in my country, so I had no choice.