Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Pretty in Paisley"

Hello everyone! It's been ages since I last reviewed a Barbie doll, so today it's finally time to do so. The chosen one is Barbie Fashionista #41 Pretty in Paisley. This is one of the first dolls with the new petite bodies that came with fashions.

The box of this Fashionistas with fashions are wider than the regular Fashionista box, but still have the word "fashionista" molded on the left side and we can see pictures of other dolls in the line on the bottom right corner. Despite the fashions, the box looks quite empty.

On the back of the box, we can see a picture of Pretty in paisley and pictures of other dolls featured in this line, like B-Fabulous and Pizza Pizzazz.

I love the Fashionista boxes because they're super easy to open and soon the doll was free.

She has tanned skin, brown eyes and mauve painted lips. I'm not sure about her head mold, but I'm going to say it's the Kayla/Lea head mold.

She has jet black hair with a reddish brunette accent on the front part. Her hair comes in quite decent condition except for some loose hairs that needed to be cut.

She has a pair of sunglasses attached to the top of her hair. I've already removed glasses attached like this and it's a nightmare, because you have to be careful if you don't want to cut the doll's hair.

She wears a wide top with a paisley pattern in strawberry, teal and black colors. It's combined with a knee lenght tube jean skirt. The outfit looked much better quality in the promo pictures, specially the top.

Pretty in Paisley also wears a pair of black cowboy style boots. 

She brins also this silver purse with tassels. I think I already have this one in another color.

As you have seen on the box, Pretty in Paisley comes with two fashions and some accessories. Let's try them on!

The first outfit is this sleeveless orange flower patterned dress. I didn't like it very much on the promo pictures, but it suits the doll. Also I think it will look great on Crazy for coral

I don't really like the dress with the black boots, so I tryied the silver sandals. I don't know much about fashion, but I think that with orange gold works better than silver.

Here's a closer look to the shoes. Very Barbie-like.

The second outfit is a light jean romper. I'm not super thrilled about this one, it feels like something is missing. 

Here's a closer look to the romper:

The red necklace that comes doesn't help to sprouce up the romper.

Here's a closer look to the necklace:

The other extra accessorie she comes with is this turquoise hand purse. It's actually very nice, but it's missing some painted details.

Pretty in Paisley is a really pretty doll and adds some diversity to the Barbie line. I love the bold design some of the 2016 Fashionistas have, and the new body molds are fantastic. However, as I've said like a zillion times, it would be great to see the new body types articulated.

This dolls that came with fashions are great, specially the ones with the new bodies, as there isn't such variety of clothes as the original body have. However, the clothes could be better quality.

And now the mandatory sentence: The new fashionistas don't have official names, so this lady could really use one. Any suggestions?

What do you guys think of Pretty in Paisley? Do you have her in your collection?


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  1. Thank you for your review of this doll. I'm considering adding her to my collection. I'm still not entirely sold on her, but some more information is always good.

    1. Hey Barb! I had other dolls that I would prefer over this one, but the ones on the shop had wonky eyes and the face of this one looked super cute. I hope my review can help you decide.

  2. She look very normal and I like that about her. Not over the top or very sexy. I can see that the clothing quality isn't that great, but I appreciate the designs.

    She looks like a Mandy.

    1. Yes, she looks like a normal girl, just like you and me. When I was taking pictures of her I thought that she looked a bit like Wynona Ryder, but I don't like the name Wynona. Amanda was one of the names I wanted to use for my dolls, so I'll give it a thought.

  3. I love the Lea face mold and that one can have a tendency to look wonky, but this one is cute! I probably won't get her, but I really enjoyed your photos and review of her!

  4. I'm not 100% sure that she uses the Lea head mold, but you're right, that face leaves us some wonky gals. She wasn't on the top of my list, but from all the dolls on my list avaliable in the store, she had the cutest face. Also, by hand picking her I made sure she wasn't wonky. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like my review

  5. I am not sure if she is the Lea mold either. She looks like the Kayla doll, but I am not sure if Kayla is just a Lea with a different face up! Confusing! I really do like this doll! Of course, mine has been rebodied to a MTM😉

    1. Hi Phyllis! I'm far from being an expert in Barbie head molds, I just said Lea because her nose is narrow and her lips are thin, but I'm not sure. The Kayla/Lea is supposed to be the same head mold, as far as I know. It doesn't suprise me that yours has a MTM body at all! From now I'm keeping the dolls with the petite, curvy and tall body with their original ones, with the hope that Mattel one day will release an articulated version of them.


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