Monday, 23 January 2017

Doll review: Middle School Moguls Jada

Those who have been following this blog for a while know how much I appreciate that playline dolls (or any other toy) have a possitive message or try to make a change for good. So, when I heard about this project called Middle School Moguls, I thought that backing them on Kickstarter was a good idea. 

Middle School Moguls Jada Review Monster Crafts

 Here's the story: the mini moguls are a group of tech savy girls that run their own succesful website. The Heitkamp sisters created this line to empower little girls to become the CEOs and tech leaders of tomorrow, as only 7% of top CEOs are women. You can go to their Kickstarter page for more info.

As a reward, I could choose between McKinley or Jada, so I picked Jada. The doll's arrival  was delayed due to a problem with the manufacturer, and when she arrived I was too busy with University to write a review. The good news is that, when I asked them if they were going to sell them outside USA, they answer that they don't have that in mind, but they will send me the other 3 anyway. I didn't receive them as a payment for anything or under the condition to make a possitive review, so I'm still going to be honest with you. So let's start the review!

The Middle School Moguls come in this colorful pixeled inspired boxes made of carboard with a big window to take a good look on the doll. 

Middle School Moguls Jada iBesties Review

The back of the box includes some information about Jada, the graphics guru of the moguls. 

And the artwork of the rest of moguls:

The box was easy to open, and without the plastic, we can take a closer look at Jada.

The doll was super well attached to the box. I spent like 10 minutes cutting strands of plastic, but it was worth, because now she's free.

Jada has dark skin, yellow side-glancing eyes and light pink lipstick. Her head is quite big and has a cartoony look. 

Her hair is really long, brown and wavy. It looks greasy on the pictures, but it's not. It needs  some restyling and there's a spot on top of her head that could use a thicker rooting, but it's thickly rooten in general and it feels good quality.

She wears a white tshirt with a print, that has this black piece and tutu sewn to it. I wish the tutu was separated. 

She also wears this cool dark green leggins with a safety pin pattern.

She wears a pair of pink Converse style shoes.

One curious thing about this dolls is that they have articulated ankles. Her feet don't move up and down like Barbie Made to Move, but they can rotate, so Jada can do the ballet first possition.

Her elbows are articulated aswell, but not their wrists. One of her hands is molded in a weird shape, but I think it pretends that she's writting on a computer. 

The articulated elbows give a little bit more poseabilty, but it's still limited, as her arms are very short. 

Middle School Moguls Jada Monster Crafts Blog

 Jada also comes with this cute headband with cat ears. She looks adorable!

Muff asked me how tall this dolls are. I didn't measure them exactly, but they're slightly shorter than Barbie. Their height is mostly their heads.

Lea and Jada monster crafts blog
Sorry for the horrible picture

I think that, overall, Jada is a cute doll. I love the concept of the line, and I think that girls will enjoy the design. I wish some of the things shown on the prototype or the artwork had made the final doll, but I guess some things had to be cut make it on the deadline. 

Middle School Moguls Jada

 The Middle School Moguls line is quite reduced right now. It only features 5 characters, 4 of them have dolls. I really want to see how the line evolves and where it goes. I hope to see more characters and some accessories, like a playset (maybe a Mogul HQ playset?). I wish the Heitkamp sisters good luck with this line.

 So what do you guys think of Jada? Did you hear about the Middle School Moguls?



  1. Very interesting! I hope they have much success. I like that there are alternatives to "fashion" dolls. Did you read the "real book?" Is it a comic or a words with pictures type?

    1. I haven't read it yet, but it's more like a book. At the end of the book there's a glossary of words like "entrepreneur", so kids can learn their meanings. If you are interested, you can check out their website to find if they're sold on a Target near you.

  2. Good and honest review. I like the concept of this doll, but I am not a fan of big headed dolls. Maybe a possible body replacement for the Stacie sized dolls based on the height. I still haven't seen them in any stores near me.

    1. Hi Phyllis! I like some big headed dolls, but I know that many fashion doll collectors aren't super thrilled about them. This dolls were sold on some selected Target stores but mostly online.