Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "B-Fabulous"

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying your summer? This week I'm on holidays, but instead of playing with my dolls, I've been really busy doing other stuff, like assembling some Ikea furniture and doing paper work. Also, this weekend Mr. Monster and I are going to a music festival, so no doll reviews this Sunday!

Barbie Fashionistas B Fabulous

The doll of today's review is Barbie Fashionista #34 B-Fabulous, from the 2016 Barbie Fashionistas. This doll came out when the new bodies were released, even though she uses the original body. Like So Sporty or Pretty in Paisley, she comes with 2 extra outfits.

There's no big difference from this box to the other Fashionista's boxes.

On the back on the box, we can see pictures of the doll wearing the different outfits. I noticed that the eyes on the prototype doll look more green than on the actual one.

And finally, she's out of the box.

B Fabulous Fashionista review

B-Fabulous has dark skin (like Grace or Asha), brown eyes and hot pink lips. Her lips aren't very well painted, but I didn't notice that until I unboxed her. She uses the Godess sculpt, which I love. 


She has raven black hair which, according to the prototype picture, should be smooth and wavy, but instead it's quite messy and a little bit crimped. Luckily, it's not greasy or poorly rooten.

B-Fabulous is wearing a dress that looks like a green top with a geometric pattern and a yellow skirt. Even though it's only one piece, it's one of my favourite Fashionistas outfits.

She comes with a rather big silver studded bag. 

B-Fabulous is also wearing a pair of wedged tennis shoes painted in pastel pink. I'm pretty sure this are the same Ice Cream Romper is wearing.

As an extra accessory, she has this pink necklace.

The second outfit is a pair of pink shorts and an wide neck sports tee. It looks better on the doll than I expected.

The t-shirt is made of white cotton and has a "B" stamped on the front. I really like the t-shirt, it looks quite comfy. 

The shorts have a pink triangle pattern, which is quite nice, but the shimmery fabric makes them look like PJ pants. With the t-shirt, it looks quite a "stay at home watching Netflix" outfit.

With the skirt I didn't noticed that her legs are a little bit scratched. Since she has the original body, I'd love to rebody her if I found another Made to Move yellow top doll. 

She also comes with a white clutch that doesn't really match the sporty theme, but it's nice.

The last outfit, which consist in a pink patterned t-shirt and a stripped skirt,  is my least favourite. I just don't see how this two pieces work.

The t-shirt is quite baggy and has a combination of geometric shapes and flowers pattern. The skirt is not that bad itself and has black and pink stripes. Personally, I think that those patterns clash and just don't go together.

The doll also comes with a pair of extra light yellow high heeled sandals. I love this shoes, the laces make them so cool, but the heels bend really easily.

I'm not elated with B-Fabulous, but I think that she's a pretty doll, and I'm even building a back story for her. As usual, the quality on this dolls could be better, although the fashions don't feel as cheap as in other dolls. I think I've said it countless times, but I wish Mattel would just spread all the new Fashionistas characters into different lines, and give us a more "deluxe" line with articulated bodies. I wouldn't mind paying 20€ for an articulated doll instead of 10€ for a non-articulated one. 

Goddess Barbie Headmold

As I usually say, the new Fashionistas don't have names, so I really need to pick one for her. When I saw her prototype, I though that Olivia would be a great name for her, but somehow now I feel that it doesn't suit her. When I got her, Mr. Monster said that she looked indian, so I considered calling her Priya. What do you guys think?

So what do you guys think of B-Fabulous? How many Fashionistas do you have?



  1. This is a cute doll. I love the Goddess sculpt, but somehow I only have one, the redhair in your photo. Mine is called Sienna, one of only three dolls with names given by me. I like both names you proposed for this doll. I wonder if the outfit pieces look better matched differently. PJ shorts with shapeless shirt and pencil skirt with off-shoulder top? What do you think?

    1. Hi Black Kitty! I thought of combining the skirt with the off shoulder tee, I should definitely try it. The other combination however will probably look like... pijamas.
      The other Goddess in my photo is called Miranda, but it was actually a fan given name. I like my dolls to have names and backstories, even though I don't do photostories.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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