Doll review: Signature C.A. Cupid (EAH)

Hello doll lovers! What have you been up to this days? University started a few days ago, so I guess this is going to be my last post before I get caught up between projects and papers.

Today it's time to review a doll that I wanted since she came out, but unfortunately, couldn't get until a few months ago: C.A Cupid, from the Ever After High doll line. When the first EAH dolls came out, I couldn't wait for Cupid to hit stores, but for some strange reason, she was never sold in Spain (read fuller rant here). So a few months ago, I decided to buy her on line. Just a few days after she arrived, another spanish collector told me that Cupid was spotted on an spanish store. Great.

Signature C.A Cupid

So let's start the review. Cupid is the adoptive daughter of Eros and transfers from Monster High to Ever After High. Honestly, I never liked her Monster High doll and I feel she fits better in the Ever After High world. Her full name is Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, a very mythologic name.

I was lucky and I got an original Cupid and not a reedition doll, as you can tell by the box. I've always found this EAH book shape boxes very cute.

Cupid Signature box EAH

At the back of the box, there's a little bit of information about Cupid and also her artwork. EAH artworks are cute, but not as fierce as Monster High ones.

After a few minutes of cuting plastic strands, finally here's Cupid.

Ever After High Cupid doll review

Cupid has a very cute face. Here eyes are blue, with this little cute hearts painted on them, as if they were the light reflect on her eyes. Her lips are painted with a heart shape, like her Monster High version, but using less contrasted colours.

Her hair has a nice pink tone that reminds me of candy cotton. It's a little bit rigid because of the hair styling product, but at least it's not a glue nightmare. She wears this nice headpiece that has a little heart with an arrow on it.

Her wings are very nice, and they're attached to the doll with this little arrow that works also as a necklace.  

Cupid wears a nice dress that looks a little bit inspired by Ancient Greece. It's mostly pink with some golden and black accents. I love specially the top.

The pattern on the skirt reminds me of tye and dye. It's pink and white, with some metallic pink arrows on it. 

Cupid also wears some jewerly, like this bracelet and ring. The ring was supposed to go on the other hand, but it was falling down all the time, so I changed it.  

Cupid shoes are very cute and detailed too. They're golden and the heel has the shape of a heart crossed by an arrow. It also has this nice wing details on the outer part of the shoes.

Cupid doesn't wear a purse, but instead she wears a bow and a quiver. Te quiver is cute, it's golden with lots of molded details and a pink heart, however she can't wear it as a real quiver because of her wings.

But she can wear it as if it was a purse.

Ever After High Cupid review

The bow has an arrow ready to be shooted. I find the heart shaped arrowhead a very cute detail. Mine is a little bit bended on the arrow part, but nevermind.

It has a handle so she can hold it.

Cupid is a cute and sweet doll. I really wanted her since she was revealed on EAH Facebook Page. The Ever After High dolls usually have some nice details on them, like Cupid. I never had the Monster High version, I didn't really like her, but the EAH version is really beautiful and I'm happy I got her.

So what do you guys think of Cupid? Do you have her in your collection.



  1. I like the MH version for two things: 1. the creepy wings 2. the Ghoulia sculpt in white, which makes for some great customs. But the doll was so scarce and overpriced I never considered getting one for this purpose. If we compare the stock dolls though, the EAH is a lot better in my opinion.

    1. I agree with the wings, they were great, but I felt that Cupid didn't really fit in the Monster High line. Also, I wasn't crazy about her hair style. Probably if I had seen a Cupid in a store for a reasonable price I would have bought her, but as you said she was so overpriced. If you think about it, you can make your own Cupid doll out of a Ghoulia, you just need to figure out how to make her wings.


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