Friday, 22 July 2016

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "Ice Cream Romper"

Hello everyone! First of all, I like to thank you all for all the lovely comments I have received from you lately, not only in this blog, but also on Twitter and Instagram. I have never considered myself a good photographer, so the sweet comments really brighten up my day.

Today it's time for another doll review, and it's turn for Barbie fashionista "Ice Cream Romper", from the 2015 fashionistas line. I got this doll back in may from together with Mr. Monster's birthay present, but until today I didn't have time to open her. 

 Let's start with the box. All the Barbie fashionistas boxes look the same, but the background print is different in each box to match the doll's style and personality. Because this dolls wears an Ice Cream romper, her patter are ice cream cones.

I like the Fashionistas boxes because they're sooo easy to open. In a blink of an eye she was out of the box.

Fashionista Ice Cream Romper Miranda

Ice Cream Romper has a dark skin tone and yellowish eyes. She wears this baby blue glasses that, despite I think they're cute, they don't let you appreciate the doll's face properly. 

Barbie fashionistas ice cream romper review

So, let's take a look at her face without the glasses. I'm not an expert in Barbie head molds, but I think she uses the Goddess head mold. I don't think you can appreciate that in the picture, but the rubber that was holding her glasses in place left a small impression on her face. I don't like when dolls come with their glasses on because of that.

Barbie Goddess headmold

And the other reason why I don't like that they have their glasses on is this.

 Her hair has this beautiful maroon/mahogany color. I love her hair color!

She also has hot pink hair in the lower part of her hair. Honestly, I didn't notice that in her promo pictures, so I was quite surprised to find that out when I received her.

barbie fashionistas doll review

Let's move on to her outfit. I like some of the new fashionistas outfits, but I'm not crazy about this particular one. She wears a baby blue romper with an ice cream pattern on it. The romper is decorated with a fushia frill and sewn on belt. The oufit looks a little bit childish for my taste, but I like the shape of the romper. 

Her shoes are wedged Converse style shoes. They are white with a pearlescent-nacre shimmer, but I don't know if you can really appreciate that. 

 I like the personality they gave to the Fashionistas dolls, specially this one and the L.A Girl. The bad thin is that, as I have said many times, the lack of articulation is an issue, so I'll probably rebody her. In case you were wondering, her skin tone is darker than the Made to Move Bambi-Teresa.

Barbie Fashionistas Miranda Charlie Bell

 Bottom line, I think that she's a nice doll. I love her face and her hair. Yes, the oufit is nothing special, but Barbie dolls have tons of clothing valiable, so that's not a major problem. I'd love to see more of this character in future Barbie lines.

And again, the Fashionistas don't have official names. However, this one is called Miranda by many fans, and, as I like the name, I'll probably call mine Miranda. I've also considered Kayla, but  think Miranda suits her more. What do you think?

Do you guys like this doll? Which is your favourite Fashionista?



  1. The only doll I have from the non articulate Fashionista line is the Nikkie with the blonde hair and light skin tone. Them going from articulation to not really bugged me. I don't even have any of the Short, Curvy, etc. girls.

    I like this doll's glasses the most, probably because I wear them too, lol. When I think "Miranda" I think of Miranda Sings on Youtube. But yes, she looks more Miranda-ish than Kayla.

    1. Hello Muff! I have the blonde Nikki aswell, but I haven't unboxed her. Yes, I think it's a big mistake that they removed the articulation. Then they made the Style Luxe line where the dolls came articulated and did the same thing. I got this fashionistas mainly because of their faces, as they can be rebodied sooner or later.

      I must confess that I had no clue who Miranda Sings was, so I had to google it. I actually thought more of Miranda Cosgrove, despite the doll doesn't resemble her.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. This one is my favourite among the stiff Fashionistas, I'd like to have her in spite of that. I really like the hair and how it suits the face and eye colour.

    1. She's really beautiful and she's one of my favourites too. Her face is really nice and her hair color combination very unique. I'd love to give her a new body (probably Made To Move orange top). I hope you can find her!

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Monstercrafts, You have a fun blog!

    Have you noticed that the new Fashionistas have knees and muscle definition in the arms? Their legs are a bit bigger than the previous Fashionistas, which had creepy spidery legs.

    They also have defined abs, a naval, and an indentation in the back for the spine. (I don't know if the previous Fashionistas had those or not.)

    Their feet are still insanely tiny; maybe Mattel will improve on that in the future.

    Overall, I think the body changes are wonderful!

    1. Hello Aleta! Welcome to my blog!

      No, I didn't notice that, but I noticed that the Made To Move bodies seem to have more defined abs than other Barbie dolls.

      Barbie's feet have always been small, but changing them will also mean that the old Barbie shoes won't fit her anymore and probably fans would get mad. I think that something like that happened with Bratz.

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.

  4. Hi! I really love your blog it's amazing!

    I just ordered this doll and can't wait for it to arrive. Her hair is really cool I agree but gonna make mine stand out a bit more and reroot her in cobalt blue, I hope that goes well. I actually do like the romper but I intend it for another doll. Ofc I got her another outfit to wear instead. I love the name Miranda, that's what's my sister is called. Although she doesn't really look like her so prob gonna call mine smth else.

    I think my fav fashionista is the one with the aztec/boho romper, she is just stunning.

    All and all I just love the new variations, they look more livley and warm. Thank you for the review it really helped me in deciding weather to get her or not (I did obv). :)

    1. Hello Linen, thanks a lot for your lovely comment!

      The one you mention with the romper is also one of my favourites, but I haven't been able to find her in my country. I do like the variety of the new fashionistas.

      Good luck with the reroot, sure it's going to look amazing!