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Hello everyone! I can't belive it's July already!

I've had a lazy weekend and I haven't worked much on my doll stuff. I still have a chair to do but I'm focusing on other things in order to avoid working on that. As I told you on previous posts, I got a few spare Made To Move Barbie dolls in order to rebody some of my Barbie fashionistas. I bought them only for rebody purpose, but I felt like I should dedicate a post to those girls before ripping their heads. 

Those girls are Barbie and Teresa (the one with blue top, I don't really know if she's Teresa). Originally, I bought Barbie to become the new body for the L.A. Girl, until I found out that the L.A Girl matches better the Lea (purple top) skintone. Because I don't have another fashionista to rebody, Barbie will stay as herself while Teresa is going to donate her body to the Donut Top Fashionista.

So let's start with Teresa. Like I said, I don't really know if this doll is marketed as "Teresa" as the other Teresa dolls seem to have a different headmold. However, fans seem to have assumed she's Teresa because she's a brunette and she looks like a latina character.

I wasn't completely drawn to this doll when they came out, mainly because of her face. Black Kitty, from The Multicrafteral Lab told me once that she doesn't like this head mold at all, and now I see why. She has the same head mold that Sweetheart Stripes, and personally, I find that she's hard to photograph I don't really know if that's because of the head mold or because of the face paint, but I'll try to buy as few dolls with this headmold as possible. 

Teresa's hair is in pretty good condition and feels very soft and well rooted. Too bad that she's not going to be a featured doll in my collection. 

As the other Made to Move dolls, she has much better poseability than other Barbie dolls.

Now let's move on to Barbie. When I started collecting Barbie dolls as an adult, I wasn't that interested in the blue eyed blonde, in fact, I prefered to focus in more diverse characters.  However, I don't regret having bought her.

Barbie has this smiling face and blue eyes. Her face is nice, but she doesn't speak to me as much as other dolls.

Her hair is not bad at all, but very rigid due to the hair styling product. Also, I don't really like the hair cut. 

Barbie's knees articulations feel a little bit more loose than other Made to Move dolls, but still strong enough. 

I'm so happy that Mattel released this new body, because the poses feel more natural, and also they have quite a fair price. I can't wait to see more characters in this line.... and wich skin tones they match. 

So, how many Made To Move dolls have you used to rebody?



  1. This Teresa facemold is also called the Bambi facemold. I am not sure who assigned that name to this face, but it helps to keep it separate from Teresa since they are still making the other Teresa mold. I for one, love the Bambi face! I have several versions of this facemold. She is used in many of the new Fashionistas.

    I have purchased many, many MTM of each of the skintones they are offering (there are now 6 MTM ladies now being sold). I have rebodied so many of my dolls on MTM bodies, however, I am sworn to secrecy! ;-)

    1. Phyllis, I was about to write something in that last question dedicated to you, but I backed.

      About the head mold, the new fashionistas that I've seen in person with that head mold had a weird face and some of them wonky eyes. Maybe it's not the head mold, but the face paint they give them. This one in particular looked ok to me.

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. The "Teresa-but-not-really" heads always confused me, so knowing that "Bambi" is the actual name is brilliant. I'd always wondered about that!

  2. I still don't have a single one, lol. I do see on Amazon that the Barbie MTM has gone back up from $9.99 to the original $14.99. AND the new orange top MTM is being sold by some for $37. Ridiculous!

    1. Hello Muff! I don't know if anyone will buy those dolls at that price. I haven't seen them for 10€ in my country, but I've seen 50% off on the second doll, which is a good offer.

  3. I can't afford to buy them for rebodying unfortunately but I'd like some of them as they are. You can do all sorts of experiments on the heads you don't care for. If Bambi has such nice hair, you can shave it and use it to reroot another doll with shorter hair (that's what I did when I got a big chunk of pretty hair, took the original hair off to put it on a Ken with fried hair). You can try painting over the Barbie, changing her eye colour for example, cut her hair short, maybe you'll like her more!

    1. The ones that I'm keeping as they are (Lea and Asha) I bought them with their regular prices and the other ones I got them because they had discounts on them. My idea was to put Bambi's head on the stiff Fashionista body, and have her as a "Background" character. For Barbie, I thought on getting the fashionista that has big curly hair and switching heads. For now I want to rebody those dolls, and then I'll think about other projects.

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. The haircut sound great also... I got some ideas from your comment.

  4. I have three MTM dolls but only one was used for rebodying. I think about new head for my Teresa MTM doll - my copy has big eyes what I don't like very much.


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