Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Doll Review: Middle School Moguls Sunny

Hi everyone! Today it's time to review another doll from the Middle School Moguls line. I have already reviewed Jada a couple of days ago, and now it's Sunny's turn.  On my last post, I told you that the mini moguls are a group of girls that run their own website. Well, I have read the book (we'll talk about that later) and actually they go to a super- exclusive school called Mogul Academy, where they only accept a few genious kids. 

 Sunny is the coding queen of the group and has a pet iguana called Buttercup. She's really good at programming and is really tech savy.

Her box has the same design as Jada's, with the hashtag #KidBoss on the lower right corner and a sticker that says "Real Book".

Middle School Moguls Sunny monster crafts review

On the side of her box, you can see a Sunny's artwork. Jada's box had it aswell, but I forgot to show you.

Sunny was much easier to release than Jada, and soon she was free.

Sunny has pale skin, brown side glancing eyes and strawberry pink lipstick. She looks a little bit asian to me.

Her hair is jet black with some blue highlights on the front. She has a fringe and her hair is styled in a ponytail. On the artwork, Sunny has a cute bun, which I wish the actual doll had. 

Sunny wears a grey sweater with a pixeled heart and  a grey and pink skirt with some suspenders attached. I thought it was a one piece outfit, but it's actually two separated pieces. The fabric quality doesn't look bad.

She also wears a pair of fucsia and grey leggins made of cotton fabric.

Her shoes are the same as Jada's but painted with some grey accents.

She also comes with this silver headphones. They're nice, but not as cute as Jada's cat ears.

Now let's talk about the book. On my Jada post, Muff asked me if I had read the book. Well, I haven't read Sunny's yet, but yesterday I read Jada's. It's an actual book, with a few illustrations. It's actually one of those "choose your own adventure" type of books. There's a glosary at the end of the book with some concepts like "server" or "acquisitions and mergers". The words included in the glossary are highlighted in bold letters on the narrative part of the book. Here's Sunny's book.

 Bottom line, Sunny is a nice doll, just like Jada. The quality of their bodies, clothes and hair feels quite good in general. However, I've noticed that Jada's head has more rotation than Sunny's, I don't know why. 

Both Sunny and Jada are my favourites so far from this line, so that's why I unboxed them first. I love Sunny's fringe and her outfit, but Jada has a little bit more sass. What do you think?

 So far, I'm enjoying this new doll line, and I love the fact that they're adding an educational purpose to it. I can't wait to see what else do they come up with. 

 So what do you guys think of Sunny? What do you think of the Middle School Moguls?



  1. I like Sunny's hair style. Both of their outfits are really cute too!

    1. Hi Phyllis! I like both outfits aswell, but I prefer Sunny's.

  2. Love the outfit and the concept. I'm even a fan of the side eye. I'm still iffy on their face sculpts though.

    1. I love the side glancing eyes aswell, and I like their cartoony face. What's what you dislike? The size of their heads or the shape?

    2. Hmm. The cover art makes them look earnest, eyes wide open and ready to face the world. But the execution of them makes them look sorta mischievous. Almost like elves, that are pretending to be human for some nefarious reason. Big heads aren't my preference but I don't mind them either.

    3. Hahaha! I would say that Sunny looks more like that than Jada, but because her fringe covers part of her face.