Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Tall "Plaid on Plaid"

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations. Did you do anything special?

Today is time to review one of the latest Barbie Fashionistas, # 52 "Plaid on Plaid" from the 2017 Fashionistas line. I got her on Amazon, as a replacement for my wonky-eyed pink haired curvy Fashionista. Let's start the review.

All the Fashionistas boxes have the same design, but each box has a different background, and this one has a plaid design, to match the doll's outfit.

On the back of the box the tall Barbie shape is highlighted, so you know this girl uses the tall body.

And finally, here she is:

Plaid has tanned skin, brown eyes and red lipstick. She has a very smiley face and I'm not sure about her headmold. At first I thought it was Raquelle, but her smile seems to big so maybe it's Teresa's? Anyway, at first it was really hard for me to take pics in which she looked at the camera and her smile didn't look weird, but I think that finally I got it.

Plaid has dark wavy hair and one side is pulled back and tied with an elastic rubber band. It doesn't feel greasy or messy, but it's a little bit stiff due to the styling product.

Her outfit is way better than the lazy Style So Sweet ice cream dress. Her top is a red and navy blue plaid wide t-shirt. I love the pattern design.

She also wears a pair of cool yellow plaid shorts. The shorts don't have velcro on the back but instead they have an elastic on the waist. Both pieces are nice and, even though I wouldn't wear that myself, it doesn't look bad on the doll.

Plaid's shoes are a pair of navy blue stilettos with lots of stripes. I love the design of this shoes, I think they are very versatile and, at least, they match the color scheme of the outfit. 

Her last accessory is a chrome gold bracelet with studs. It's quite nice actually.

Bottom line, I think that Plaid on Plaid is a really pretty doll. However, I was a little bit dissappointed when I received because she didn't quite look like in her prototype. She has a cute face, but somehow the prototype looked sexier. 

I feel that this new Barbie bodies are a huge success, as well as the new faces and the diverse dolls, so I hope Mattel goes a little bit further and gives us some articulated ladies.

Now that she's part of the Barbie family, Plaid on Plaid needs a name, so any name suggestions will be welcome. 

I have a couple of things in mind for future post, as well as a mini-video tutorial. I have also a couple of new backgrounds for doll photography and a very special thing coming on it's way home.... Here's a sneak peak of the backgrounds.

 So what do you guys think of Plaid of Plaid? What would you like to see on a future Barbie line?



  1. If Summer and Theresa had a baby, it would be this girl. That top makes her look flat chested and I like that. In addition to the changes they've made like "dad body," I wouldn't mind some flat chested girls.

    1. LOL Muff! She definitely resembles Teresa, but she looked more Raquel-ish than Summer-ish to me. Maybe it's the red lipstick. I think that the new Fashionistas are quite flat chested in general, specially the petite ones.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. As I said, I have this doll too. It is the only one in my collection with a different body type and we love it, especially the waist. We redressed her in jeans and a crop top. I really don't care for the man-panties and the flannel shirt but I pretty much hate all the recent Barbie outfits. I like her cheerful face and the lively reddish tan. I was certain she was a Raquelle (and I still got her over another one with the new "curvy" sculpt, although I already have a couple of Raquelles). If the sculpt issue matters to you, try checking the year on the back of the head against Kattisdolls' list - I don't remember the exact website.

    1. BlackKitty, I also thought that her pants looked like man underwear, but I do like the shirt. I don't like most of the Fashionistas' outfits either, but this one is one is OK. At least it has some color coherence. I sometimes look for my dolls' sculpts on Kattis Dolls, but I didn't think of the year printed on her neck. Thank you so much for the advice!

  3. I have this doll too! I agree with you about the prototype face being better. I'm not in love with the outfit, but I love the doll! :)

    1. Hi Farrah Lily! The clothes are not bad, considering other Fashionista's outfits, but I'm not crazy about them either. I love the doll too!