Photo compilation: July-August 2023

And, before you know it, it's already September.  I'm so glad that summer and the unbearable heat are going away, and it's finally time for fall, my favorite season. To kick-start the month, let's do a Photo compilation of the photos I've been sharing on Instagram these past two months. 

Let's start with two photos that I took during our trip to Vielha, but didn't include in the post. First, this photo of Chloe during our excursion to the Uelhs deth Joèu and Artiga de Lin. I took it at one of the very first spots we found, and I love the result. 

Also, this photo of Victoria that I took in the Carlac forest. 

Most of the photos I shared these past two months I have already shared on the blog, but I have a couple of "extras" that didn't make the final post. I took this back when I wrote the Room in a bookcase post but didn't include it in the final post, so I edited it for Instagram. 

Similarly, I had photos from the "limewash effect" wall post that I didn't get to share. 

To finish this post, I would like to share a photo I already showed in my last post to compare the edited and unedited versions. It's a photo of Chloe walking in the forest. In the unedited version, you can see that her skin has a greenish hue, but it looks warmer in the edited version. I also added some contrast and sharpened her. In retrospect, I could have warmed her complexion a bit more, but I think it looks fine. 

I'm not very skilled when it comes to photo editing, but I've learned a bit of the basics about balancing colors, sharpening blurry details, and adding more contrast. I just wanted to share this, so you can see that, even if the photo has some issues, it can be improved with some minor and simple editing. It's also nice to remember that there's more work that goes into doll photography than just taking photos. 

School starts again next week, and I'm not looking forward to going back. I just don't like the classes in general or the methodology of study. However, I do love the job that I got thanks to the internship program, so I have to finish it. This year I have to do a few hours of the internship in the morning and classes in the afternoon, so I won't have much time to post. Luckily, I finish the classes around March, and then I will just have to do the remaining hours of the internship until July. 

I hope you all enjoyed your summer (or winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). I'll be back as soon as possible.

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  1. Lovely photos as always MC, I particularly like the first one of Chloe and the comparison shots. Seems just when you think you have some time for yourself it's back to school again before you know it!
    Oh I didn't enjoy our winter at all, but I guess you already know that. I really love the heat and am looking forward to summer, I hope this year it's a long one. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks Xanadu! Those are my favorites too. I don't know what has happened with the summer holidays. It feels like two days ago I took my last exam, and all of a sudden I'm back to school.
      I guess it depends on where you live. Our winter is quite mild, while our summer is extremely hot and humid, so that's why I prefer the cooler weather.
      Big hugs to you too.

  2. Oh, you're complaining about the summer, and here I am in Australia, wishing the winter away D: Chloe looks gorgeous, and I really like the temp in the photo! They are all lovely, honestly!

    1. Hi Musume! Thanks, I'm glad you like them. Like I said to Xanadu, I guess it depends on where you live. Our summer has been heatwave after heatwave, so I'm glad it's finally going away.

  3. Lovely photos with dolls! I love summer, but when it gets really hot, it can be challenging. So, it's good that the weather is not hot anymore.

    1. Thanks Inesa! I like the very early days of summer, when the mornings are still chilly. The rest of it is unbearable. It's still hot, but not as bad as it was.

  4. Hello! Long time, but it has been a 'rough' summer. Great photo compilation and I look forward to checking out the ordinary posts soon. Summer has gone by very fast and soon even September is over. Here things are turning yellow, orange and brown. The sun is up shorter times and the darkness is so deep.
    In the two photos of Chloe I can see the difference and it looks so great after your editing. I know that there are even some programs online, that you can test and play with.
    Enjoy the rest of the September! I am on a catching up spree! :)

    1. Hi Niina! Welcome back! September is almost over, but summer doesn't seem to want to leave, as it still super hot here. I use Gimp to edit my photos, which is free, but there are some online programs that you can use and will do the job.
      September has already started crazy busy and I barely have any time to come here and reply to comments! But I really appreciate you stopping by!

  5. Hello MC.. Just dropped by to say Hi! I'm uploading the bikini how to sew tutorial today and mentioned you a bit there, too. Hope that's fine :) Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Hi MC. It's been a long time.... Lots of family challenges have gotten in the way of doll play, I'm afraid. But I wanted to stop by to say hello and let you know I do still love seeing your posts and photos. Big hugs, April


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