Thursday, 30 June 2016

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "Donut top"

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? I don't think so, because I've been posting so often that I haven't given you time to miss me :P.

So, are you ready for another doll review? I don't know if I'm going to review all of my unboxed dolls, not only because I won't probably have enough time, but also because some dolls I don't feel like doing a review. 

 Today I'm going to review Barbie Fashionistas "Donut Top". I don't really know if her official name was "Donut Top", but it was the name she figured out on many online shops. I'm going to review this particular dolls because she's one of the dolls that's going to be rebodied, along with the L.A. Girl, but I wanted to make a post about her before I going off with her head. 

 The box is basically the same than the other fashionistas: it's clear, has a black and white background and the word "Fashionistas" on one side. Each fashionista has a different pattern on the background, the L.A. Girl had a zebra print and this one has dots.

 The back of the box is exactly the same than the L.A. Girl, I don't know why I even took a picture of this.

 I love the Fashionista boxes because they are so easy to open. A few seconds later, she was out of the box.

 Like the L.A. Girl and Crazy for Coral, this doll uses the Skipper headmold. She has tanned skin, green eyes and pale pink lips. Personally, I find her face adorable.

Let's talk about the hair. Here's the good thing: I really like her hair color and her simple hair style with a little braid on one side. The bad thing is that, unfortunatelly, she looks like she hasn't washed her hair for two months. 

To make it even better, she has her sunglasses attached to her hair with one of those horrible plastic things.

 She wears a white and a little bit oversized t-shirt with some donut drawn on the front. Some of this Fashionistas outfits feel a little bit cheaply made and this top is a good example. The design is cute, but I would prefer if it was more fitted.

She also wears an asimetrical dotted denim skirt with a ruffle. The skirt looks better to me than the top.

One thing that catches my attention is that she has one of her knees is slightly bended. None of my other Fashionistas legs look like this, I think that it gives the doll an extra sass.

Her purse is very Barbie like: pink with a big ribbon. I can't help but wonder how it would look painted in black. If you take a closer look, you can appreciate the small Barbie logo in the chain.

She wears quite simple sandals that match the light pink of the purse. They're nice, but nothing special.

Carefully, I removed the sunglasses from the dolls' head, and I think that her hair looks much better.

In case you were wondering, this is how she looks with the sunglasses on.

I bought this doll when I got the L.A. Girl because with the shipping, it was better to buy two than to buy only one. To be honest, this fashionista wouldn't have been my first choice if all the other fashionistas had been avaliable on the Toys'r'us website. In fact, the one that I really wanted was the one with the tribal romper. Anyway, I'm happy to have her, she's got a cute face.

Barbie fashionistas donut top review

As an overall opinion, the doll is cute, but I think that a couple things could have been better, like the hair for example. She doesn't have quite an strong style compared to other fashionistas, but I got her mainly because I think she has a cute face. 

barbie fashionistas charlie bell review

As I said on my L.A. Girl post, the new Fashionistas don't have names, but she seems to be called Carly Bell (or Charlie Bell) by the fans. That name doesn't quite appeal to me, but I'm terrible when it comes to naming dolls. Any suggestions?

How many of this fashionistas do you have? How do you come up with names for them?



  1. I was just thinking of the naming issue. I don't understand why Mattel isn't naming dolls any more. I sort of understand it with the MTM dolls, because they KNOW these dolls are essentially rebody fodder. However, as they come with heads and clothes, I feel they should have names. We had beach dolls as budget versions, and those had names! Hell, my first Barbie (California Girl) even came with a whole story on a cardboard flap of the box. The Fashionistas definitely need names. It's confusing and silly to expect someone to remember either a doll's issue number, or what she was originally wearing. I was checking out the new MTM on Amazon, one was designed "orange top" while the other was simply "Made to Move Barbie". Imagine the warehouse worker getting an order to ship "Made to Move Barbie", how is he going to know which one to choose? We had Barbie, Teresa, Christie, Lea, Summer... They are regular human names, so it can't be a copyright issue. I can't imagine doll makers can, or need to copyright common human names that are in use. Why didn't they slap a name on the Fashionistas boxes instead of weird descriptives like "donut top"? Why didn't they call her Mary? Does she look like a Mary? How about Lisa? Casey? Stephanie? Just pick a name, dammit! I can imagine years from now someone looking for a "donut top" to buy and someone else going "I'd like to help you out, but all my collection is stored undressed. Here are my 1342 dolls, see if you can find the one you need!"

    1. I loved what you wrote here! My sentiments exactly! I remember that the Fashion Fever line had many different faces too, but they all had names -- Drew, Shannen, Kayla etc. Why can't they do that with the Fashionistas?!

    2. I totally agree with the two of you. I think that giving they names will just add more personality to them, as well as being easier to identify them. The Fashion Fever you mention had names (by the way, I'm looking for name inspiration in that line). Monster High line have all names and a story, which is what gives the dolls so much personality and makes the line interesting, they're not called "Ghoul nº 23, pink vampire".
      The thing is that, not only the fashionistas that have only made one appearance don't have names, also the ones that have been featured in several lines, like the "Lea" in the Made to Move line. And maybe you'll find this silly, but I don't want to name a doll and then find out that her official name is different! Maybe Mattel is too lazy to think of a few names...

      Thanks the both of you for your comments!

  2. I am not much help in the naming department as I have the same problem. I have such a hard time thinking of names so I usually try to name them after people I think the resemble. Sometimes when I get the same doll that someone else has who has a blog I follow and the do stories about their doll, I have a hard time not identifying them as that persons character. I so agree with what Black Kitty says on this subject!

    For the newer Fashionistas, I kept the book they came with that identifies them so I can remember them. Once they get their clothes changed, I can't remember what they were originally called!

    Donut Top does have the worst hair! like yours, mine has very greasy hair. This would be because of the glue filled head and the type of glue used. Some of them that have glue heads are not so bad because a different kind of glue is used. I do love her hair color too, so I even try to dry was it to see if it would absorb any of the greasy feel. It is a little better I think!

    1. I tried to brush starch into greasy hair, leave it for a day then wash it as usual. It seems to improve the hair and doesn't involve weird chemicals.

      I like the Fashionista with half pink, half maroon hair, but I already forgot the "name". Something with cupcakes, I think. I'll have a hard time buying her if she's not the first thing I see on display. Silly Mattel!

    2. Corn starch better than talcum powder? I'll have to try that.

      Do you mean the one that wears glasses and a blue romper? I think that her name was "Ice Cream Romper". I've got that one, and I'll review her as soon as I rebody this lady.

    3. Phyllis, I search for name inspiration in old Barbie lines, like Fashion Fever. I considered Drew as a name for this one, but I don't think it matches her.

      Mattel should pay more attention to the quality on their dolls, it's a shame that having a doll with greasy hair is the normal thing.

    4. Talcum is carcinogenic apparently.
      Yeah, the blue romper one, I'd love to see yours!

  3. She's such a pretty doll! I'm tempted to find her as I love her face! It's a shame about the greasy hair though 😕

    1. Hello Farrah Lily! Yes, she does have a pretty face and her hair colour is lovely. Yes, the greasy hair is a bummer, but at least it can be washed.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. She looks kinda Becca-ish to me.

    I totally misread your post title and thought you were about to do a review on types of donut bun hair styles. Anywho, I rarely name my dolls. Maybe the first 15 I collected had names and back stories, but after that, I just had too many to remember their stats and the rest became "scale models."

    1. Hello Muff! No, my post is not about hair styles LOL! I have more than 15 dolls, but almost all of them are Monster High dolls and already came with names. I guess that if I had tons of dolls I would have lost interest in giving them names. I do agree with Black Kitty's comment, it would be easier if Mattel gave this dolls names.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Oh, by the way, I do like the name Becca, but I've been thinkin of calling her Chloe.

  5. I also like this doll and her tiny stuff (especially: sunglasses, and outfit), but don't like the clay in her head... My doll has a lot of clay :-) It is really not nice feeling to touch her hair. :-( I hope Mattel will fix this problem soon :/

    Nice to see your blog :-) You wrote the comment to my egyptian photos on DollObservers ;-) Thank you so much for your likes. ;-)


    1. Hello Aya! Nice to see you here! I washed her hair with fabric soap and let it dry overnight, her roots still feel a little greasy, but the res of the hair looks much better.

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I think that your photos look great!


    2. Ohhh... I understand. I will try to do the same with my doll's hair. :-) :-)