Doll review: Barbie Fashionistas "L.A. Girl"

Hello everyone! Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my last post. I don't usually get many comments, so I was quite surprised.

I took a small break from crafting in order to do another doll review. This time I'm going to review the L.A Girl, from 2015 Barbie Fashionistas line, also known as the blonde with shaved hair. I wanted this doll since the very first moment I saw her, but I was waiting to see if she got an articulated version, but because that doesn't seem to be happening, I decided to buy her anyway.

Barbie Fashionistas LA Girl Review

 Let's start with the box. All the Fashionista dolls have the same type of box. The Fashionistas don't have names, they have numbers, and some of them have their number on the box, but this one doesn't. I bought this doll from Toys'r'us Spain website, and I guess that the rest of the sticker you can see was the price when she was on the shop.

The back of the box is nothing special, there's a picture of some Fashionistas in one of the corners, I really want the first one from the left.

 This box was sooo easy to open. I don't get why some boxes are so hard to open, as this type of product is mainly targeted to little kids. Finally, she's out of the box:

Barbie Fashionistas LA Girl Doll Review

 This doll uses the Skipper head mold, has brown eyes, light brown brows, red lips and a beauty mark. I think she's got a really nice and friendly face.

Barbie Fashionistas LA Girl Elizabeth

This doll is popular because of her hair. She's got light blond hair mixed with some light pink. In the prototype, she also had baby blue hair, but the final doll doesn't. One side of her hair is flocked (to look like it's shaved). Unfortunately, her hair is a little bit poorly rooted in my opinion, and comes styled in a way that looks weird and doesnt' feel natural.

LA Girl fashionista hair

 She needs to get her hair washed, but that will be after this review. I tried to fix her hair by brushing it with a Monster High brush and with my hands. Not perfect, but better.

 She wears a light blue sleeveless blouse with the text "L.A. Girl" written on it. In the prototype, the blouse had sleeves, so again, something that was different on the final doll. She also wears this black skirt made of some type of vinyl, which I guess tryies to imitate leather. 

The outfit is OK for me, but nothing special. I like the skirt though.

She carries this lime colour clutch purse with her that gives a pop of colour to the outfit.

Her shoes are quite basic black flat ballerinas. In the prototype her shoes were the same colour of the purse, however, I prefer them black because it goes with everything and matches more outfits.

I think that what they tried to do with this doll is to make her look like the type of girl that has a bold personality and it's not affraid to experiment with her look, and to me that works. I feel that there are a couple of things that could have been better with her as well as she could have get featured in other lines.

I'm happy that I finally got this doll, she is very pretty and I think that she's a good asset to my collection. She's stiff as a board, as all the Fashionistas, but I've found an articulated body that probably will match her skin tone. 

Barbie Fashionista LA Girl review

By the way, the new Fashionistas don't seem to have official names, but there was an image on the Internet (probably fan made) with names for them. The name given for this lady was Elizabeth, and it seems that fans have taken it as her name. However, to me she looks more like being called Victoria. What do you think?

So what do you guys think of the L.A Girl? Should I call her Elizabeth or Victoria?



  1. The Lea MTM body is a good match for her! I think she deserves a very poseable body, don't you:\;-). She reminds me a bit of Demi Lovato, so I named mine Demi.

    1. That's the body I got for her. I have two Lea dolls, one to be Lea, and one to become a body donator. Demi is a great name also.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. She looks more Victoria-ish to me. I did not know that she was a skipper mold probably because I don't like Skipper and avoid seeing her. The treatment on this mold looks great however.

    1. I didn't know it either until somebody told me, I'm not an expert in Barbie head molds. I've noticed that many fashionistas use the Skipper headmold, for example, the petite Crazy for Coral. I don't like the current Skipper either, I would prefer that the Teen Skipper from the early 2000 came back.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. The variety in the newer Fashionistas is great. I'm hoping articulation will be the next step, but at least the Made to Move dolls are relatively inexpensive to use as body transplants.

    1. Hello Barb! Yes, the Made to Move dolls have quite good prices, I hope they release more characters in that line, so we won't have to rebody the stiff fashionistas. I'm really looking foward for the upcoming MTM redhead.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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