Doll review: Barbie Made to Move "Purple Top"

Hello my dear doll lovers! I'm back with another review. Today I'm going to review one of the  Made to Move Barbie dolls (Wave 1). I have already reviewed Asha (yellow top) from the the same line here

Actually, I have two of this dolls, but one (the one with the least nice face) is going to become a body donator for the L.A. Girl Fashionista, as well as another of the Made to Move ladies.

This box is not much different from the Asha box. The doll is posing almost like she was sitting and on the background there are some photos of the Made to Move dolls in action.

The back of the box shows the Made to Move dolls... except Asha. I don't know the reason why she's not there, was she released later?

Now it's time to unbox! Just a little comment about this particular boxes, they were not designed for easy opening. Does Mattel know that dolls are sometimes bought for little kids? 

 After fighting with the box, here she is.

She has pale skin, asian facial features and pale pink lips. I have never owned an asian Barbie doll, so I'm very excited for this one. This doll uses the Kayla/Lea head mold, so from now on she's going to be called Lea

Lea has jet black hair styled into a side ponytail. Her hair is in pretty good condition, although the rubber band she was tied to the box with left an impression, but nothing compared to other "box hairs" I've seen. 

All the dolls in this line wear the same type of yoga/fitness outfit, but with different color tops. The outfit is nothing speciall, so I'm not going to examine it. 

The great thing about this body is how poseable they are. Lea can sit in the splits

Or even sit like this:

 I tried to make her do a penche (or ponche, I don't really know how you spell it) but it doesn't really look like a penche, looks more like a yoga pose.

Also her elbow articulation allows them to do more expressive and realistic poses.

Now let's see how Lea looks in a different outfit! I chose this dress from one of the Barbie dress bags and Style Luxe Grace flats (read about her here). I don't quite like the dress, I would prefer if it was more fitted, but the colors suit her. 

I really like this new Made to Move dolls and I love to see more characters in it. But, as I said in a previous post, I'd prefer if this bodies were featured in other lines and not only in a fitness themed line. 

Lea is a great addition to my collection, I'm happy to finally have an asian character. I'd think it would be great if they made more asian characters, the same way we have several dolls with black skin.

So what do you think of Lea? Has she been added to your collections?



  1. Well, I think you know how much I love the Made to Move bodies! So much so that I have been like a madwoman rebodying several of my other dolls. Congrats on getting Lea. Asha was released a little later than the first 3 Made to Move ladies, which is why you don't see her pictured on the back of the Lea box. Have fun with her!

    1. Yes, I heard that you like those bodies! I wish that they released a bunch of characters (Summer, Nikki or the fashionistas with darker skin tone) on those bodies, so we wouldn't have to buy two dolls. Also, a Made to Move Ken would be a fantastic idea.

  2. I still don't have any MtM's but I see on Amazon that they are down to $12.99 and the "Barbie" one is $9.99. I may get one yet. I do have several dolls with the Lea mold.

    1. That's a good price, I would take advantage of that offer. If you want to rebody your fashionistas, Phyllis here has a matching skin tones "guide" in her blog.


  3. I just bought a couple of the sale Barbies on Amazon. I think I'll be rebodying some of my older dolls. I'll have to dig through and see which ones.

    1. I've got a couple too that are going to become body donators. I wish I could find more bargains on this dolls. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Replies
    1. Me too, I hope to see more characters in this line.

  5. I have Lea too. She was my first Made to Move doll and I like her very much.


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