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Hello my dear doll lovers! What have you been up to? I wish I had started this post earlier, but this past two nights I've been putting some order in my doll room. I'm not done yet, but at least all my Monster High shoes are organized.

Today I'm going to review Grace, from the Barbie Style doll line. I've liked Grace since the So In Style dolls came out, but those were never sold in my country. Also, I like the concept of the Style doll line, at least the first two waves, because the dolls came fully articulated and the fashions were more realistic. Unfortunately, this particular doll, as well as the two Nikki dolls in this line, was never sold in Spain, so I had to get this one at 

Barbie Style Grace Review

At first, Grace was introduced in the So In Style line, which focused on Grace and her friends Trichelle, Kara, Chandra and Marisa. I really like that line, and it was too bad it wasn't sold here, so I really hope those characters get featured in future lines. However, in the Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse show, Grace is introduced as a very smart, science loving girl who becomes good friends with Barbie. 

Her box looks like the other Style line boxes, almost like if the dolls were posing for a magazine cover. 

At the back of the box we can see the other dolls featured in this wave. I'd love to manage to get Nikki some day.

 This line was the first that featured articulated flat feet, and they brag about it at the bottom of the box. Also, it includes an extra pair of flat shoes.

 And finally, here's Grace out of the box.

 Grace uses the Mbili head mold, has green eyes and full pink lips. As many dolls in this line, she has rooted lashes. 

 Her hair feels a little bit greasy, but I love the colour and the caramel highlights. She also has a small braid to give more detail to her hair style

 I absolutely love the outfits that the Style dolls have because they are more realistic and they don't have that overdose of pink that we get in many Barbie lines. Grace is wearing a grey sweatshirt with some glitter details. It gives the impresion that she's wearing a shirt underneath, but the collar and the lower part are sewn to the sweatshirt. She's also wearing a blue and pink lace skirt.

 She's wearing a silver necklace with charms. One of the charms is a cute tiny cupcake!

 She's wearing beige high heel sandals. Used to the Monster High shoes, Barbie shoes don't seem so impressive to me, but they're nice.

 She carries a beige purse with some brown tassel and stiches details. It's quite realistic looking, but not quite as much as the fabric ones that Teresa or Raquelle had.

 As I said earlier, she comes with an extra pair of flat pink ballerinas. I like the shape of the shoes, but I'm not really sure if this colour was the best option.

 I don't know if I'm too used to the high heel Barbie feet, but her feet look huge in this shoes.

 When I got Grace, I thought that she'll have a darker skin tone than Asha (read about her here), but when I put the dolls one next to the other, I didn't appreciate such a big difference.

However, after  examining my dolls carefully (with some help and opinion of Mr. Monster) it looked to me that Grace's skin tone is slightly darker. However, I think that if I switched their heads, there won't be such a big difference. 

 As an overall opinion, I think that Grace is a beautiful doll. I like the idea of the articulated ankles, so the dolls can wear both high heels and flats. Unfortunately, Grace's articulations don't feel as sturdy as the other Style dolls that I own, like Teresa or Midge.

 For a long time I wanted to have this doll, and I was just waiting for her to hit the spanish stores, but unfortunately, that never happened. It seems that not all the Barbie dolls in certain lines make it to Spain, which is a shame, and in the end we have to buy them from stores in the USA. 

So what do you guys think of Grace? Tell me what you think so far.




  1. Great photos and review! I never really noticed until you mentioned it how much attention and detail they put in Monster High shoes compared to Barbie shoes. Maybe they have more room to get fancy with MH shoes because they are larger?

    I have the Raquel from this Style line but I never took her out of the box or gave her a good looking over. Your post makes me want to do that. ^__^

    1. Hello Muff! Thanks, I'm happy that you enjoyed both my pics and the review. I never thought of that, but I guess that the size of the shoes have something to do with that. Also, I think that Monster High allows more fantasy when it comes to design, not only the shoes, also the dolls. You wouldn't imagine a Barbie doll with blue skin and fangs, would you?

      I like the Raquelle in this wave also, but I already have the one from the previous wave, so I didn't get her. I would open her, poor girl in that box!

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. She has one of the prettiest faces in my opinion! She looks amazing in purple. :)

    1. I like her face too, she's gorgeous. I wish we can see more of her in future Barbie lines.


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