Monday, 30 January 2017

Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl

Hello my dear doll lovers! Today it's time to review another character from the DC Super Hero Girls line: Batgirl! From this line I have already reviewed Poison Ivy and Bumblebee, so check those out if you missed them. I got Batgirl back in september and she's been sitting in her box until now, when I finally have time to set her free.

On the DC Super Hero Girls webisodes, Batgirl is first introduced as Barbara Gordon, an IT department employee, not a student. I don't follow the show very regularly, so I've missed the episode where she starts appearing as Batgirl and not Barbara. 

 But let's start the review. Batgirl's box has the same design as Ivy and Bumblebee's. It's mostly clear, with the DC Super Hero Girls logo on the top right and Batgirls artwork on the bottom right.

The back of the box has Batgirl's artwork on the top left and the other dolls featured in this wave on the bottom.I really like the artworks of this line.

After a few minutes of cutting plastic, she's finally out of the box.

Batgirl has oval shaped head, pale skin, green eyes and pale lipstick. Her mask doesn't quite let you see her face properly. Let's take it off.

The mask has scratched a little bit of the paint of the eye, but it's very subtle. She has quite big eyes and has a cartoony face.

 She has red hair with a fringe. It feels very stiff because of the styling product, but she doesn't seem to have any bald spots.

She kind of reminds me of Poison Ivy, so I brought her for comparison. They look quite similar, but Ivy's eyes are more almond shape while Batgirls are bigger and rounder.

She wears a purple hooded t-shirt with the Bat-logo in gold, black leggins and a yellow belt. 

The hood has bat ears on top. It reminds me of those hats that have cat ears.

The hood has a hole on the back, so her hair can fit in there.

She wears yellow combat boots.  

She also has black painted gloves and wears this yellow bracelets that are supposed to be her gadgets and weapons.

 Batgirl also comes with a black backpack that has bat wings. It's actually quite cool. 

Overall, I think that Batgirl is quite cool. I like super heroes, so I'm enjoying this Super Hero Girls line. Their athletic bodies are great, but I wish they had more articulation, like the Made to Move dolls. 

DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl review monster crafts blog

I wish I can get more dolls of this line. From this wave, the only ones I don't have are Super Girl and Harley Quinn, but I'm not super thrilled about them. However, I'm very excited about the basic Katana release and Frost. I also would love to see a Hawkgirl doll and maybe Miss Martian, but my money is on Hawkgirl being the next SDCC exclusive. 

So what do you guys think of Batgirl? Do you collect DC Super Hero Girls?



  1. I still don't have one of these but I do admire the line. I think they do a great job with them.

    1. I do think the same, but if they added made to move knees it would be better. They're super heroes after all!

  2. I'm not into super heroes, but I like their bodies and I'd like to have one of the normal-looking ones (no gloves and super hero accessories)

    1. Both Poison Ivy and Bumblebee look quite normal-looking. I think they fit into Barbie's clothes, so you can always redress them.