Sunday, 23 August 2015

The odyssey of finding a doll in Spain

Hello ghouls and mansters, how are you?
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been away on holidays with Mr. Monster visiting the beautiful north of Spain and running away from the local holidays of my hometown. While I was there, I went dollhunting, but I didn't find anything interesting, so I got an idea for this blog post.

First of all, I want to say that this is my personal opinion based on my experiences as an adult doll collector, and it's based basically on the dolls that I'm more familiar with, like Monster High, Barbie and Ever After High. 

It all started with my quest to find Porter Geiss at a store. Besides Vandala, I got my Haunted girls (Kiyomi and River) at toy stores. However, it annyoed me that none of the stores I went to had Porter. I asked to one of the biggest doll collectors I know in my country if they knew where to find Porter and he told me to go to a store called Juguettos, because Porter was in there. Well, I might be the unluckiest person in this planet, because I've been to 5 or 6 Juguettos stores and I haven't been able to find him. I even asked some of the people working on this stores and they told me they never received a boy in the Haunted boxes, even one of the employees suggested that the boy could be released later, which I know is not the case with Porter.

While looking for Porter, it catched my attention the amount of old Monster High dolls that they have in the shelves at high prices, like for example the Scaris dolls at 28,90€. I also noticed that in Spain we seem to have problems to get the second wave of any Monster High line. Has anyone from Spain seen the New Scaremester wave 2 dolls in stores? I had to buy Catty Noir and Invisi Billy from almost a year ago. But you can still find some of the New Scaremester wave 1 dolls in stores for 26,90€. Being this said, I have no hope to find Monster Exchange wave 2 dolls in stores.

New Scaremester Catty and Invisi Billy

 And don't make me talk about Ever After High's distribution in Spain. We still haven't seen signature Duchess Swan, Lizzie Hearts or even Cedar Wood, that was released more than a year ago. They have also been removed from big retailers like El Corte Inglés, where one of their employees told me that "They don't manufacture them anymore" (read more about it here) which I know it's not true. Probably the reason is that they were not selling them, but if after a year on the shelves you are still retailing the Thronecoming dolls for more than 30€ each, parents are probably choosing a cheaper doll to buy for their kids. 

Also, if we get a doll line, sometimes we get it like a hundred years later than other countries, even if they are sold at an international shop like Toys'r'us. For example, the Swim Class line arrived to Toys'r'us a year later (literally) than to other countries, or Iris Clops, that's been avaliable on Toys'r' for a couple of months, but still hasn't been spotted on other countries.

I don't really like buying my dolls on line because I don't want to get the wonky eyed one and I prefer to examine the dolls before buying them, but if my local toy store doesn't bring the doll line that I want, I have no other choice than buying them at And probably the most frustrating thing about this is that if I buy dolls on line from the USA and pay 18€ of shipping, I'm still buying them at a much cheaper price than in a toy store in Spain. How is that possible?

I really want to buy dolls in Spain, and I don't know if this lack of dolls on the spanish stores is the stores fault or the manufacturer's. I also know that I'm not an influential blogger and that probably very few people will read the whole post, but I hope my small post can help change the things in a near future.

Do you guys have the same problems in your countries? Tell me about your experiences buying dolls.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Doll unboxing and review: Gooliope Jellington

Hello ghouls and mansters! What have you been up to? Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've had some problems with my job and also I've been painting some house furniture. Finally, I manage to write a new post and review a doll I'm very excited about: Gooliope Jellington!

Gooliope is a giant blob girl who works at the Freak du Chic circus as a ringmaster. In her bio it says she's the daughter of the unknown, but if you read her diary, it's hinted that Gooliope is an experiment gone wrong that was abandoned and adopted by her new circus family. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

I'm a backer! Giving support to iBesties

Hello there!
I just wanted to make a quick post to tell you that I just supported iBesties: Middle School Moguls project on Kickstarter. iBesties is a line of fashion dolls that wants to encourage little girls to become future CEOs and Tech Leaders. The line features 6 characters, each one with her own interests and talents, from Sarah, the group blogger, to McKenna, the business expert.

If you want to know more about the iBesties, visit their own website. Also, you can back up this project on Kickstarter. For just 40$ you can get a doll and a signed copy of the book, but hurry up, because they only have 4 days left to reach their goal!

I think that this project is important because, despite that I do belive in equality, there's still a lot to be done. At my job, I get a lot of disrespectful comments or even get questioned if I can do my job the same way my male workmates do. I really hope this project starts making the difference and encourages little girls into becoming what they want.

What do you guys think about this project? Are you supporting them?


Friday, 24 July 2015

Doll unboxing and review: Amanita Nightshade

Hello my dear doll lovers! What have you been up to?

Today I'm going to review Monster High's Amanita Nightshade, the daughter of the Corpse Flower, who blooms each 1.300 years. Amanita is part of the Gloom and Bloom line, being her, the Corpse Flower, the main protagonist of this event. Amanita  has a huge ego, as she considers herself a gorgeous monster that deserves being treated as a princess.

Amanita Nightshade

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Barbie Crafts

Hello there doll lovers! How are you?

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because Mr. Monster and I went on  a holiday trip to Italy, to visit the beautiful city of Florence, so we were quite busy preparing everything and I didn't have time to write any blog posts. 

As you might know, despite that I mainly collect Monster High dolls, I also have some playline Barbie dolls and a couple of Ever After High dolls, so some time ago I thought that it would be nice to make a blog post dedicated to those other dolls that I collect that are not Monster High.

Today is Barbie's turn. When I was a little girl, I had a lot of Barbies and I loved them, in fact, I never stopped loving Barbie, I just stopped playing with them. As an adult, I kept track of the new Barbie lines, but I never decided to buy them. I thought they were nice and pretty, but I never had the courage or whatever to buy them and start a collection. However, when in 2010 Mattel released the Monster High line, I automatically fell in love with them, specially I was very interested in Frankie Stein. Robecca Steam was the doll that made me decide to start a Monster High collection. Well, actually I was just going to buy a couple of dolls, and now I have more than 50 Monster High dolls. 

Despite my main interest were (and still are) Monster High dolls, some time ago I started feeling a renewed interest for the Barbie line, specially for a cute redhead called Midge. I wanted Life in the Dreamhouse Midge so badly, and it took me quite a long time to find her, but I finally got her during a trip to the Netherlands.

Life in the Dreamhouse Midge

Since then, I've been more interested in Barbie than before, and even got some Luxe Style Barbie dolls. However, as an adult, I haven't bought any Barbie character dolls (well, except for one Barbie silkstone that is still on her box) , I only have two Midge, one Raquelle and one Teresa. I'm more interested in the other characters mainly because as a child I only got Barbie character dolls and very few dolls from other characters that I loved like Christie or Teresa. 

Midge is one of my favourite characters, not only because she's a redhead, but also because she's got that vintage flare on  her style that I can't not just resist.

Midge dolls

Until this morning I still had Raquelle and Teresa on their boxes, so writting this post gave me a chance to unbox them. Here you have the Midge dolls next to Raquelle's box.

Raquelle is a nice doll and has a pretty good quality hair. Despite I prefered the look in the first wave of this line, I really like this look, specially the jeans shirt. However, I expected her to wear panties and not some ankle lenght leggings. 

Raquelle style luxe

Raquelle reminds me a little bit of the Kira dolls, that I always wanted as a child and never got, so I guess that's a reason why I like her.

Style luxe Midge and Raquelle

Teresa was another character that I never got as a child. I wasn't as interested in her like I was in Midge, but I liked the bohemian look she got in the Luxe Style line. It took me a while to find a Teresa doll that didn't have a rooted lashes malfunction, but finally, here she is.

 I love her green eyes and her light brunette hair and that combination of a romantic dress with a jean jacket is something that I will totally wear! Unfotunatelly, Teresa's hair is not as smooth as Raquelle's but at least is not as greasy as some Monster High dolls'.

Style Luxe Teresa Barbie

I really like this Luxe style line because the dolls come fully articulated and the outfits are more mature and realistic, instead of having that overdose of pink that we usually get in some playline Barbie dolls. However, I'm a bit concerned because some of the new releases on this line come in a narrow box and are not articulated.

Style Luxe Midge Teresa Barbie line

 I really want to get my hands on more Barbie Style dolls, specially that Nikki with blond strikes that came out some time ago but I still haven't found her. I also wish they made another wave like the second one featuring Midge, Teresa and that new doll with half shaved hair that we've seen on the Barbie Fashionistas line. 

Style Luxe Midge Teresa Raquelle

And this is my small Barbie collection... for now. I really hope I can make my Barbie family grow. 

Do you guys collect Barbie dolls? Who's your favourite character? Tell me what you think by commenting this post.

Blog to you soon. 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Doll unboxing and review: River Styxx

Hello ghouls and mansters!
On our last post we did a review on Monster High's Kiyomi Haunterly and now is turn to review River Styxx, also from the Haunted movie related doll line. Initially, I didn't plan on doing a review on her, but after doing Kiyomi's I kind of felt that I HAD TO review River. Also I've found out that by doing a review I pay more atention to all the details in the dolls and appreciate more the designers' work.

River Styxx is the daughter of the Grimm Reaper, but, unlike her father, she's very cheerful and loves bright colours. She's a R.I.P (Reaper In Preparation), which means she's getting her license to take spirits to the ghost world.

River Styxx