A day by the pool

Wow, July arrived much sooner than I expected. Since this year college ended two weeks later than usual, I feel like summer is flying by much quicker. I've already made peace with the fact that won't be able to do all the things and write all the posts I would like to. Luckily, since next year I only have to take 3 classes, I will manage to find some time to post. 
This post is a bit unexpected, and it's not what I had planned to post next. I had planned a part 2 of my Dolls in a poolpost, with an idea that I had had in mind for a few months. Unfortunately, it didn't work out and the photos didn't look very good, so I had to scratch that. Since I woke up with a headache a couple of times, I decided to take things slowly and a couple of "me days" to avoid getting sick (I usually get a bit sick right after college, due to the stress). Therefore, I hadn't been working on anything else. I was planning on doing a craft/ photo background type of post later o…

Doll Review: Barbie BMR 1959 Curvy

And, pretty much as I predicted, I haven't been able to post in almost a month. The last few weeks of college were crazy. I think I mentioned this before, but I signed up for an online internship at a communication agency. Long story short, the customer wasn't happy with the last assignment we did, and we basically had to redo the whole thing. All of this during the last 3 weeks of school, when I also had to do a video presentation for a project. I managed to pull it off, and I finally have some time to come on here and talk all things doll related. 
A couple of years ago I used to do lots of doll reviews, mostly because that was the only way I found to bring content to the blog regularly. At some point I got bored by it and didn't think people found them interesting, so I stopped doing them. Now, if I talk about a new doll, I try to add something more to the post, like a new background or a comment on another topic. For this particular doll however, I feel like I have a lo…

New doll: Barbie Fashionista with vitiligo plus life update

Wow, all of the sudden it's June. It feels like two days ago was February and I just moved here. Where have all these weeks gone? The school year hasn't officially finished yet, but most of my projects and classes are already finished. In fact, I already know I have passed one of my classes with at least a 70%, even though  the official grades don't come out until July. So, since I'm a bit more relaxed now, I thought I might come here and tell you a bit about my newest dolls.

A couple of weeks ago, when things started going back to normal, I was looking through Amazon and found that there were a few dolls on sale. I got the Fashionista with Vitiligo for around 10€ (instead of the whooping 14€ that they seem to be sold these days) and I also got the BMR1959 curvy doll. I will do a separate post on the BMR doll, because I want to go more in depth with her and do some comparisons. 
I haven't bought many dolls for the past two years, not only because I have less budget t…

Let's discover some new blogs!

Hi again. Hope you're all doing well. 
In some of my last posts I wrote that some of the people I used to follow on blogger weren't active anymore. So many of you agreed that blogger isn't what it used to be, and that it seems quieter now. I've been thinking about this for a few days now, and I've came up with an idea to try to find more active bloggers and make this a little bit more fun.
The idea is pretty simple. I've listed down below a few of my favourite doll related blogs. I invite you all to follow them and leave me some of your favourites in the comment section. Then, if you feel like doing so, copy this image and make a blog post sharing your favourite blogs and invite your readers to do the same thing. Hopefully that way we will find new interesting blogs.

Here are some of my favourite blogs:
Atelierni Shasha: You probably know her for her beautiful Etsy store (which I highly recommend), but she also has a very interesting blog. She hasn't been very …

7th blogoversary

Today, 24th April 2020, it's my blog's 7th  anniversary. I can't believe it's been so many years since I came up with the idea to create The Monster Crafts (it was just going to be Monster Crafts, but it was already taken). Since then, lots of things have happened, and the blog has taken a very different direction that I initially had planned. 

I started this blog very inspired by a fellow blogger called Lola's mini homes. She made an incredible Monster High school and dorm rooms out of cardboard and I loved it. I wanted to do something similar but life had other plans for me and I didn't end up doing anything close to that. Soon after starting my blog, I started working almost full time and, in September, I started college, which left me with very little time to work on a big project. 

I wanted this to be a mainly craft blog, but truth is I've made very few crafts. The lack of time, space and, let's be honest, patience sometimes, made me put that idea as…

Trying to settle down... and a plot twist

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last wrote here. And what a month it has been! Life has been a trainwreck this past weeks. I'm back in University, which keeps me busy during weekdays, since I've picked some hard classes. Then, during the first weekends, we kept ourselves busy finishing unpacking, going back to the old house to pick things that were still there, buying stuff that we needed and also doing the regular house chores, such as laundry. Sounds fun, huh?

It took us 3 weeks to find time to fix the Billy bookcases to the walls, so until then, I couldn't arrange my books from college and my dolls. I started by putting my boxed dolls inside one of the bookcases and trying to arrange them as well as I could. In the old doll room, I had them all inside a box laying on the floor, but I want to keep this room as tidy as possible.

The 4th week the whole virus thing exploded, and we haven't been able to leave the house. I wasn't going to addres…

Let's unpack that

Yes, you guessed it right! We are FINALLY in our new home. It's been a crazy journey, we've been waiting to move to this house for almost 2 years and it has finally happened. There were lots of setbacks, one of them being the fact that the town hall decided to remodel our street at the exact same time we were about to start renovating the house, so we had to wait until they were done. That put our spirits down a little bit, but as soon as we started with the renovation this summer, we were excited again.

Our house wasn't ready to move in until January, more or less by the time I was busy with exams. As soon as I finished, I had to take care of few things that still need to be done in the house, plus packing everything. Packing took me forever, specially books and doll stuff. We wanted to move late January-early February, but we didn't manage to move until the 18th, the day before I started college again. I still have my dolls in boxes, and a few of them are still in the…