Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Doll Review: Middle School Moguls Izzy

Hi everyone! How are you? The new semester is approaching faster than I expected and I still haven't done most of the post that I planned to do in my short study break! I spent a lot of time filming and editing the video, so I haven't done many doll reviews lately. I have some new photo backgrounds that I got back in September (!) and I still haven't used them for doll photography. Also, I'd love to do a Wonder Woman review before I go back to class, but I don't know if I'll have time. Maybe I should just relax and remember that this is supposed to be fun, not a job, but since during the course I barely write, then I feel like I need to "catch up". 

Today I'm going to review my third Middle School Moguls doll, Izzy. I have already reviewed Jada and Sunny in previous posts, so you can check them out if you're interested. I know that some of you aren't interested in this dolls, but since the company was kind enough to send me the other three free of charge, I think it would be rude if I didn't reviewed all of them. So, let's start!

Izzy's box has the same design as the rest of the Middle School Moguls. We have the doll on the right part and the book on the left.

On the back of the box we can learn a little bit more about Izzy. She's the digital diva of the group and she's social and outgoing. She also loves to create her own hastags and can make anyting go viral. 

Finally, the doll is out of the box.

All the Middle School Moguls share the same headmold and have side glancing eyes. On the prototype, Izzy hadn't side glancing eyes, but I think she looks better this way. Her eyes are purple and her lips are painted hot pink.  Her blush is much more noticeable than in the other dolls.

Her hair is long, wavy and purple. At some point during the producing of the dolls, backers got asked if they prefered brown hair with purple highlights or all the hair purple. I voted for the first option, as sometimes purple hair looks cheap and makes the doll look like she's wearing a wig. The purple hair won, and I wasn't very happy about it, but when I opened Izzy I thought that her hair looks gorgeous and super soft.  For some extrange reason, the part of her hair lighted in cold light looks blue, while the one closer to warm light looks purple. 

With a guest appearance of my hand

She also wears this black and grey beanie hat attached to her head. The hat is filled with paper that makes it look so puffy. I think that the hat could use some bright color details.

The outfit is my least favourite part and a quite dissapointing. Izzy wears a electric blue tee with a moustache and glasses drawing on it. It kind of looks like a face and it's a fun design.

She also wears a pair of black and white leggins with a wales pattern on it. I like the leggins, but I neither the shorts or the scarf shown on the doll's artwork made the final doll and I think her outfit is missing something.

Her shoes are identical to the other two girls, but painted in light pink and white instead.

She also comes with this black framed glasses decorated with a blue bow. This is my favourite thing of this doll. Aren't they cute?

Bottom line, I have mixed feelings for Izzy. When she arrived and I saw the final doll, I didn't like her at all, but when I opened her and started taking pictures, I had so much fun and I started liking her more.

My biggest concern is the outfit. It's missing some details and doesn't look trendy or fashionable. I think that they wanted to give the doll some sort of hipster look, but to me it fails short on the final doll.  Even if they couldn't add all the details shown on the artwork, they could have added something else, like a colorful tulle skirt or something.

In general, I like the Middle School Moguls line, but there are a couple of things here and there that could be improved. Also, we have to considerate that this is the first time this company has produced a doll line, so it's normal that they may have some mistakes. Anyway, I want to see more of this line at some point in the near future.

What do you guys think of Izzy? Are you into the Middle School Moguls dolls?



  1. I like the purple hair myself, but then again my daughter dyed her hair purple recently. I agree with you that the outfit is lacking. I'd like to add that I'm not sure it's a good idea to be encouraging middle school age kids to be using someplace like Instagram or especially Twitter. Since these girls are supposed to be role models, I also think this doll is not necessarily encouraging girls to be smart, but socially savvy, which is not always positive.

    1. Hi Barb! I didn't thought about the social networks things, maybe because I don't have any kids. I'm glad to read a mom's opinion! I guess that what they just did was divide technology in areas: coding, graphics and social media. I guess she's the "community manager" of the group, as the girls are supposed to run their own website. I do see your point, maybe the description on the box could have said "I love reading our customers feedback and helping them with their questions" to sound more "professional".

      When I read the description the first time, I thought that "outgoing" and "social" were bland adjectives and didn't say much about the girl, just like when a character is depicted as "animal loving" which is such a doll topic and you can find one in every doll line.

      Loved your comment, very interesting and critical point of view.

  2. I certainly love the eyes glasses with this adorable little bow :) but personally I am not too fond of the "on side"eyes, for any doll, they always look awkward to me :( I think I love my doll looking straight at me hee hee. alway love reading you review for any dolls even if I do not collect MH it is alway nice to be informed in such friendly manners. you said that you did not used you background yet? could you tell me where you buy background for your photos? (do you have a link ?) keep on the good job

    1. Hi Dom! I usually prefer front eyes aswell, but when I saw the prototype with front eyes, I didn't like it. Since this are cartoony dolls, I like the side glancing eyes on them.
      Since I mainly collect 10-12 inch dolls, I usually use colored cardstock paper (I guess that's the word for "cartulina") which are more or less 50x70 cm. You can find them at most stationary shops. The background I talk about is glitter cardstock paper, which some stationary shops may have, but I got mine at the chinese bazar. Sorry, but I don't have any links.

      Thank you so much for your compliment. Even if I'm upset or dissapointed on a doll, I always try to express it in a polite way.

  3. Those glasses are awesome and I like them paired with the shirt. If her shoes were a different color I think the ensemble would flow better.